Halloween Havoc: The Best in the World

Halloween Havoc, WCW’s October Pay-Per-View, No Longer Exists.
So … Let’s Look at Costumes Instead.

Because New York Comic Con takes place in mid-October, it’s a good place to get ideas for Halloween Costumes. Because of the amount of Wrestling Cosplay in recent years, we’ve decided to highlight some of the best Wrestling Costume ideas in more detail.

We decided to start with the WWE Champion CM Punk. Like, action figures, there are several editions of CM Punk that one could dress as on October 31st.

There’s the “I’m the WWE Champion and the BEST IN THE WORLD” edition.
and there’s the “I’m the WWE Champion and I WANT RESPECT” edition.

Whichever version of Punk you’re looking for, you have several options for the top half of your costume. The White “Best In the World” T-Shirt or the Grey “In Punk We Trust” Shirt. We have yet to see someone dress with CM Punk’s Yellow “Uno” shirt but, hey, someone has to be first right?

For the bottom half of the costume, options include: Tights, Jeans or Gym Shorts. All are acceptable for CM Punk gear. Custom CM Punk boots or Wrestling style shoes are acceptable footwear. Actually, just shoes. Don’t go barefoot. He’s not Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka.

As far as accessories go, CM Punk can be paired with The WWE Championship, the World Championship or with AJ, if you are going for a couples costume:

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3 Responses to Halloween Havoc: The Best in the World

  1. Jonathan says:

    is that you? I was a the Ghostbuster with the Pink Pack I got pics with you!


  2. 3MB says:

    That's not us. We're just showing awesome costumes. But if you're looking for the Punk/AJ guy, you can find them at facebook.com/dointhejob or their e-mail: show@m2j.us.


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