So That Happened: 10/15/12

Big Show Promo:

Big Show talks about the debate we all want to forget, then he shows the footage of him blocking the Brogue Kick last week on RAW. After that, Big Show shows the Smackdown footage of the “Scientific Challenge” AKA The NXT Challenge that proves his WMD is stronger than Sheamus’ Brogue Kick.

Big Show calls himself a threat and says he’s going to beat “our” World Champion Sheamus. Show says he does this, he will finally get away from the jokes about his last title reign, which only lasted 45 seconds. Big Show gets angry at the WWE Universe because they keep bringing it up and tweeting 45 Seconds to him. The crowd starts chanting 45 Seconds and Big Show starts yelling at the crowd. Big Show blames all of this on Daniel Bryan then calls him out to the ring.

Backstage: Daniel Bryan is watching with Kane, Zack Ryder, Santino, Aksana, Justin Gabriel, R-Truth and Little Jimmy. Bryan says he’s not going out there and can’t believe Big Show’s still upset about this.

AJ Lee shows up and says since she’s quirky and unpredictable; she’s sending Daniel Bryan out there to face Sheamus. Daniel Bryan asks Kane for help but Kane just points and laughs in his face. Bryan shouts “NO!” to Kane, but Kane responds back with “YES!” Daniel Bryan shouts “NO!” at the other wrestlers but they all shout “YES!”

Daniel Bryan storms to the ring shouting “NO!” to Johnny Curtis, Michael McGillicutty and other workers backstage but they all respond with “YES!”

Match 01: Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show

Daniel Bryan rips up a Goat Face sign.

Daniel Bryan jumps off the top rope, but Big Show grabs him by the throat and hits the Chokeslam to get the win.

Winner: Big Show

Post-match, Kane comes out to laugh at Daniel Bryan.

Big Show gets ready to hit Bryan with the WMD but Kane gets in front of him. Big Show and Kane have a staredown before Big Show decides to leave the ring.

CM Punk: The Decision:

Paul Heyman gives CM Punk a long introduction. CM Punk comes down to the ring still wearing the UNO Shirt…

CM Punk talks about last week, saying that as usual, someone disrespects him and calls out his integrity, and as usual, he proves them wrong. Punk says he doesn’t care if it’s Bret Hart, Mick Foley, Jim Ross, John Cena, The Rock or least of all, anyone in the WWE Universe, if you disrespect him, he will put you down.

CM Punk says Mr. McMahon’s attempt to disrespect him last week was sad and pathetic and that McMahon was trying to make the show about Vince. CM Punk brags about the beating he gave Mr. McMahon and says we can thank him for making sure that Mr. McMahon will never compete in “this very ring” ever again.

Courtesy of candiedcadaver

CM Punk mocks Mr. McMahon for being saved by John Cena and The Ryback. Punk says it’s fine that McMahon backing him into a corner making him choose who his opponent is at Hell In A Cell. CM Punk says just for perspective, he’s going to show the WWE Universe what Mr. McMahon, the people in the back and the fans think of him.

CM Punk reveals the Hell In A Cell PPV Poster of him portraying a devil. Punk disputes the claim that he’s not a devil and that devils don’t exist. Punk says compared to the rest of the WWE Universe, he’s an angel.

CM Punk speaks about the devil he knows, John Cena, and the devil he doesn’t know, Ryback. Punk says that Ryback is a monster that’s putting himself in a conversation he’s not involved in. Punk goes on to talk about John Cena, who he says he’s broken down physically and mentally. CM Punk says he’s going to reveal his HIAC opponent but then gets mad at the WWE Universe for disrespecting him for taking his time. Punk changes his mind and says he’s going to take a little more time to reveal his opponent and blames the WWE Universe for not having patience with him. Cue Mr. McMahon’s music!

Mr. McMahon says that he hoped CM Punk would’ve learned something about respect last week, but he clearly didn’t. McMahon reminds Punk of the stipulation that if Punk didn’t his mind about his HIAC Opponent, McMahon would make it up for him. McMahon says Punk blew it and that tonight, there will be a contract signing in that very ring where he will choose Punk’s opponent for HIAC. McMahon tells CM Punk to “Respect THAT” then struts off.

Match 02: Alberto Del Rio vs. Brodus Clay

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Backstage: CM Punk is complaining to Paul Heyman about Mr. McMahon taking away his right to choose his opponent at Hell In A Cell. Heyman reminds Punk that this is what he warned him about last week. Heyman says that Punk can beat Mr. McMahon in the battle, but they’re not going to win the war. CM Punk says they can win and he wants Paul Heyman to tell Mr. McMahon that if he wants to choose Punk’s opponent, he has to beat Punk tonight. CM Punk orders Paul Heyman to tell him that he wants to fight him tonight.

Match 03: Co-Bro vs. The Prime Time Players

Winners: Prime Time Players

Post-Match, Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal attack Co-Bro.

The trio then do the unthinkable by declaring themselves the “Three Man Band.” AKA…”3…M….B.”

Vickie Guerrero introduces Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler complains about The Ryback earning a WWE Title opportunity. Ziggler puts over how he steals the show every night and how he had to go through 7 other Superstars to win the Money In The Bank Briefcase.

Dolph Ziggler says that The Ryback is a flash in the pan and won’t be remembered 2 months from now, but Dolph Ziggler will be. Ziggler says that if anyone deserves a WWE Title Match it’s him.

Dolph Ziggler says he’s going to take on CM Punk at Hell In The Cell, win the WWE Championship, then cash in on Sheamus and win the World Heavyweight Championship all in one night. Suddenly, Ziggler is interrupted by David Otunga.

David Otunga says that Dolph Ziggler is right about Ryback not deserving a WWE Title opportunity, but thinks that Ziggler doesn’t deserve one either. Otunga thinks that the WWE Title Shot shouldn’t go to a “beach blonde show-off who hangs around with his mother” but should go to him instead.

AJ Lee’s theme hits as she skips out to the ring to break up the argument. AJ Lee says that all have a right to their opinion and she respects that. AJ says rather than allow them to express their opinions verbally, she is going to give them a chance to express their opinions physically in a handicap match against The Ryback!

Match 04: The Ryback vs. David Otunga and Dolph Ziggler

After The Ryback stares down Dolph Ziggler, Ziggler walks out on David Otunga. The Ryback picks up Otunga and hits him with the Shellshock for the win.

Winner: The Ryback 

Backstage: Mr. McMahon is on the phone with someone until Paul Heyman interrupts. Heyman tries to suck up to Mr. McMahon and pitches CM Punk’s idea to face Mr. McMahon tonight with the stipulation that if Punk wins, he can pick his opponent for Hell In A Cell. McMahon says he’ll have the match only if the match is Mr. McMahon vs. Paul Heyman instead. Heyman complains but Mr. McMahon yells at him to “Get Out Of His Sight.” Heyman scurries off as McMahon proudly says, “I love being me.”

Backstage: RAW General Manager, AJ Lee, is walking backstage when Matt Striker tries to speak to her. Striker complains about Team Hell No attacking him and asks for an apology but accidentally uses the words “crazy” and “nuts.” AJ Lee hears this then starts laughing hysterically until agreeing with Matt Striker. AJ Lee says Striker should ask for an apology right after his match against Kane.

Match 05: Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel

Antonio Cesaro hits his uppercut on Justin Gabriel.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Match 06: Matt Striker vs. Kane

Kane tries to hug it out with Matt Striker. Kane hugs Matt Striker then turns it into a bear hug-Chokeslam.

Winner: Kane

Post-Match, Kane “interviews” an unconscious Matt Striker. Kane compliments Matt Striker on a “great effort” and a “competitive match” then asks Striker how he’s feeling. Striker doesn’t respond, and Kane says “ Couldn’t have said it better myself.” Kane starts celebrating that HE is the Tag Team Champions.

MizTV with Kofi Kingston:

The Miz introduces MizTV then talks about Kofi Kingston challenging him for the Intercontinental Title on Main Event. Miz introduces, but then says to feel sorry for, Kofi Kingston. Kofi Kingston comes out and makes fun of The Miz getting knocked out on Main Event. The Miz begins to talk about how long Kofi Kingston’s beein the WWE and how people only remember him for saying “Boom Boom Boom” and that Kofi should be thanking Miz for allowing him to be in a Main Event. Miz says Kofi will always be nothing but a “B” Rate Player, while Miz will always be a guy that the WWE Universe remembers.

Kofi Kingston says that The Miz is right and that he does need to add more memorable moments to his accolades. Kofi tells The Miz that he’s going to add a memorable moment when he beats Miz for the Intercontinental Title on Main Event. Kofi says not only will the moment be memorable, but it will also be “Must See.” Kofi says that Miz has truly inspired him to step his game up and challenges Miz to a match tonight. The Miz does his “Really” thing then accepts Kofi Kingston’s challenge. Miz says that Kofi will do what he always does and choke. Miz says Kofi Kingston has maxed out at 60 percent while he is at 100.

The Miz says that he’s a Superstar while Kofi Kingston is a novelty and that no one cares about him. Miz says all Kofi Kingston will be is the guy that says “Boom Boom Boom.” Kofi Kingston snaps and attacks Miz.

Match 07: Sheamus vs Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett counters Sheamus’ ring rope clubbing move.

Big Show shows up with a chair:

Big Show pulls down the rope causing Sheamus to fall. The referee sees this and disqualifies Wade Barrett.

Winner: Sheamus (By DQ)

Post-match, Sheamus fends off Big Show then hits Wade Barrett with a Brogue Kick.

Backstage: Mr. McMahon is on the phone again talking about The Decision. John Cena walks up and Mr. McMahon gets off the phone. McMahon asks John Cena about his injury, but Cena says it doesn’t matter because he’s not a doctor. Cena asks if Mr. McMahon listened to a doctor last week before CM Punk. Cena says he knows McMahon didn’t because McMahon belonged out in the ring. Cena says he’s felt better, but he’s also felt worse and if McMahon chooses him, he’ll go out there and do his thing. Cena walks off as Mr. McMahon says he’ll take Cena’s words into consideration.

Match 08: Handsome Eve Torres vs Layla

Eve pins Layla, but Layla’s foot is on the rope. The referee doesn’t see it.

Winner: Handsome Eve Torres

Backstage: Daniel Bryan argues with Kane about Kane laughing at his predicament with the Big Show. Kane says “Yes” it was funny. Daniel Bryan says “NO” it wasn’t. Kane and Bryan go back and forth with “Yes”es and “NO’s” until Bryan gets a “grand” idea. Bryan suggests Kane have a match against Big Show next week. After suggesting his idea, Bryan reminds Kane that HE is the Tag Team Champions.

Backstage: Mr. McMahon thanks The Ryback for saving him then tells Ryback that people are saying he’s the new “King Of The Mountain” and that he’s unstoppable. McMahon asks Ryback for his thoughts and Ryback says “Feed Me Punk.”

Match 09: Rhodes Scholars vs. Primo and Epico

Courtesy of Tumblr

Heath Slater’s Band is shown being kicked out of a Nashville Bar.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara can’t compete this week due to Rey’s food poisoning and potential stomach flu.

The Actual Tag Match:

Winners: Rhodes Scholars

Post-Match, Cody Rhodes assists Damien Sandow with his cartwheel.

Match 10: The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston

Jim Ross talks about Kofi Kingston’s MSG Moment.

Kofi Kingston hits The Miz with one hell of a Trouble In Paradise!

Winner: Kofi Kingston

CM Punk: The Decision Pt. 2 

Mr. McMahon makes his way out to the ring with the contract then introduces the WWE Champion, CM Punk.

Mr. McMahon introduces The Ryback next.

Last but not least, Mr. McMahon introduces John Cena.

Mr. McMahon says he knew CM Punk wouldn’t have the grapefruits to make up his mind. Punk stops McMahon from speaking and says he’s sick of hearing McMahon talk then calls him an egomaniac. Punk brags about beating McMahon so bad that he’s knocked a few screws loose. Punk signs the contract then says McMahon is gonna do whatever he wants in the first place, so no matter who McMahon chooses, Punk will break them.

Mr. McMahon says that CM Punk brought this on himself, and that if Punk just accepted Cena’s challenge, they wouldn’t be there in the first place. Punk says he’s Cena and McMahon are both egomaniacs and jealous little men that have insecurity complexes. John Cena chimes in and says CM Punk has been WWE Champion for 330 Days. Cena says he respects the achievement but Punk needs to shut the hell up.

Mr. McMahon says that everyone needs to shut up. McMahon is about to announce CM Punk’s contender but Cena cuts him off. Cena says that he wants nothing more than to face CM Punk for the WWE Championship.

John Cena goes on to say that he thinks about Ryback and wonders if he even cares about being WWE Champion. Cena says Ryback seems like all he cares about is whopping someone’s ass. Cena says right now that CM Punk is a guy who needs his ass whipped. Cena says that Mr. McMahon has an easy decision to make and that CM Punk will get no sleep because his brain will be filled by three simple words: Feed Me More. Cena starts chanting “FEED ME MORE” getting the crowd into it.

The Ryback signs the contract and Mr. McMahon says that CM Punk vs. The Ryback at Hell In A Cell is official. Loud “Feed Me More” chants are heard as The Ryback and CM Punk have a staredown. CM Punk pokes The Ryback but Ryback slams Punk’s head down on the table.

Michael Cole says Big Hungry is still hungry for the WWE Championship and that at Hell In A Cell, it’s Feeding Time…

So That Happened:

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