I Was There: New York Comic Con 2012

In “I Was There” 3MB provides a first hand account of a things we attend.

New York Comic Con took over the Javitts Center this past weekend. The event lets several fan favorites in  comics, videogames television, film, or anything beloved converge in a single location. Wrestling has a cross-over appeal in each these categories (well, not Steampunk … although a CM Steampunk Costume would be Amazing …) so its presence was felt as well. We already knew about the Wrestling Comics and the Wrestler Appearances. What we didn’t expect, were the Wrestler Costumes.

Image Courtesy of New York Comic Con’s Facebook Page

We at 3MB ran around the convention taking as many photos of these costumes as possible (We’ll get you next time, Sgt. Slaughter and Mr. T). We also threw in a few other wrestling related pictures in our gallery. You can check them out here.

We also want to acknowledge two of the best costumes we saw after the jump.

The Winner of the Ravishing Rick Rude Award for Best Singles Costume:

Tiger Mask!

We never expected to see anyone dressed as Tiger Mask outside of Japan … ever.

The Winner of the Teddy Long ‘Make it a Tag TeamAward for Best Group Costume:

The Lady Luchadors!

The only Masked Wrestler we like more than Starman is Psychosis. And the fact that Lady Psychosis has Lady Rey Mysterio in a headlock makes this the Best In Show at NYCC!

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