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Previously, we showcased Artist Eddie Nieves aka Eadgery, who created a gallery of tributes to WWE Fallen Superstars like Mr Perfect Curt Hennig, the Junkyard Dog and Eddie Guerrero. A member of our 3ManBooth Elite – @Sal_Paradyse – informed us of another artist – ilovedust – that is doing a similar tribute theme: The Dead Wrestler Society. One of ilovedust’s pieces is a tribute to Kerry Von Erich, famously known as the Texas Tornado:

ilovedust captures the power of the tornado and the wrestler, which is how he earned that nickname. ilovedust has fun with the details as well. The Tornado is sucks up everything in sight: the car, the silo, the oil rig, everything but Kerry Von Erich. Plus, the telephone lines under the Texas Tornado serve as a hint to the ring ropes of a wrestling ring.

ilovedust pays tribute to the Macho Man Randy Savage in several ways. Not only are there two prints to capture the vibrancy of the Macho Man, but there’s also a tribute to one of Savage’s managers, Sensational Sherri Martel:

and also a tribute to one of Savage’s greatest rivals, The Ultimate Warrior.

Sometimes tells me that the Wrestlemania 7 match between Savage and Warrior is on a never-ending loop in ilovedust’s studio. These three prints would make an excellent series. If there’s ever a Miss Elisabeth design, it would complete the set.

ilovedust is also paying tribute to non-WWE legendary wrestlers. The tribute to Luchadors is most intriguing, like this one to El Santo:

ilove dust keeps the tradition of lucha libre by depicting El Santo with a type of luchador mask on. ilovedust depicted a type of Calavera mask over El Santo’s face where his luchador mask would usually preside. It keeps with Mexican wrestling tradition – El Santo is still seen in public with a mask on – but also pays respects to the deceased. The Calavera mask is associated with the Day of the Dead.


Many of these designs are available at ilovedust’s website. Also, be sure to follow on Twitter and Instagram for any new interesting designs.

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