The IWC: Eddie Nieves aka *Eadgery

3MB wants to Highlight The IWC; No Not that IWC. The Illustrated Wrestling Community

Art has been a great medium for Wrestling Fans to express their appreciation and admiration for Professional Wrestlers. Because wrestlers are finely detailed regardless of various shapes and sizes, they offer more variety while still maintaining some of that superhero aesthetic. They are great models for artists to use, either as warm-up sketches or complete projects.  One artist – Eddie Nieves – has decided to an entire project that is a tribute to wrestling’s fallen Superstars. His first piece in this project is the Beast From the East, Bam Bam Bigelow:

Image Courtesy of Eadgery’s DeviantArt
Nieves depicts what we remember most about the Beast From the East. A swift wrestler, despite being one of the “Big Men,” Bam Bam was as tough as they come. Also, he could win fights with early intimidation. Any man willing to get tattoos on their forehead is not afraid to inflict any damage on his opponent.

Nieves second tribute is another worthy Superstar, Mr. Perfect:

Image Courtesy of Eadgery’s DeviantArt

Eddie captures the cocky look and the smug attitude Curt Henning carried while he was being Mr. Perfect. All that’s missing is the towel tossing and the gum swatting.

You can follow Eddie as he continue to pay homage to Wrestling Legends through his DeviantArt page, his Tumblr, his Website and his Twitter.

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