Highlight Reel: A Winner Is You!

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will check out funny and interesting wrestling videos.

Earlier in the week, we did a poll on which wrestling company has the Best Harlem Shake? It was a close race, but Hot Dog! We Have A Wiener! 

Congratulations to Wrestling Is Art  on their underdog victory. WWE put up a great fight. iMPACT and Shine Wrestling did their best as well, but this upstart company was the clear winner. Not only did Wrestling Is Art’s Harlem Shake have the trademark spastic dancing and slow motion, but their Harlem Shake was the only one that featured ACTUAL wrestling! Not a requirement for a Harlem Shake video, but an extra added bonus from a wrestling company.

We at Three Man Booth aren’t the most familiar with Wrestling Is Art promotion itself, but we’ve seen many of the roster in action. The company is fairly new and runs in the New England Area. Their next show is in May, but if you want to become more familiar with Wrestling Is Art, you can check out their website or social media pages, including  their YouTube page, which features an animated version of Colt Cabana’s Podcast, The Art Of Wrestling and other funny web series such as Supper With The Hatfields.

Once again, Congratulations, Wrestling Is Art!

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