Snapshots: Draw Something

In Snapshots, Three Man Booth searches for images to share

CM Punk seems to be a recurring subject for artists to draw. This isn’t a bad thing. The straightedge Superstar has a unique look and offers a great challenge to anyone willing to take the task of capturing his intricate tattoo work. Previous IWC Highlight, Eddie Nieves aka Eadgery, did a CM Punk piece before launching unto his Fallen Wrestlers project.

Image Courtesy of Eddie Nieves’ DeviantArt

Chris Haley, co-creator of Webcomic Let’s Be Friends Again, co-creator of Podcast, The Gravity Falls Gossiper, and Avid Wrestling Fan posted to his social medias a drawing of CM Punk’s head with the description, “Sometimes I have to draw CM Punk. For reasons.”

Image Courtesy of Chris Haley’s Tumblr or Instagram

The same thing happened to Ramon Villalobos. We’re no stranger to his artwork here at ThreeManBooth: we’ve talked about both his Bane and Zangief pieces. However, when Ramon displayed this piece shortly after this week’s RAW, we had a few questions:

Image Courtesy of Ramon Villalobos’ Tumblr

Clearly, Ramon is gifted; his skills shine through each piece. But either he works incredibly fast or he already has this idea started before CM Punk proclaimed himself “God.” Either way, the timing of this depiction speaks to either an incredible coincidence or perhaps … divine intervention? If CM Punk didn’t have a God complex before, all these talented artists capturing his likeness is sure giving him one.

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