So That Happened: 03/04/13

RAW starts off with a familiar sound…

The Undertaker actually shows up!

The Undertaker signals that he’s ready for Wrestlemania

RAW does an old school opening. After a trip down memory lane, CM Punk’s music hits and he comes down to the ring.

CM Punk says that he should be Main Eventing and defending his WWE Championship at this year’s Wrestlemania but he’s not. Punk blames the WWE Universe for the reason why he is not WWE Champion or Main Eventing Wrestlemania. Punk claims the WWE Universe screwed him and themselves because if he can’t be in the Main Event of Wrestlemania, there’s no point in him being at Wrestlemania.

CM Punk says that what the world just saw gives him a purpose. The WWE Universe took from him, so he’s going to take from the Universe. Punk announces he’s going to take the streak from The Undertaker. Punk criticizes the WWE Universe for mocking his 434 Days but loving The Undertaker’s 20-0 streak. Punk ssays he has a new number for us: 20-1. The 1 is drug free, alcohol free, straight edge and the Best In The World and he is CM Punk. Punk says at Wrestlemania he beats the streak and tells the WWE Universe to deal with it.

CM Punk is interrupted by Randy Orton. Orton tells Punk not to be so confident since he’s beaten Punk at Wrestlemania before. Orton mentions how close he came to beating The Undertaker 8 years ago at Wrestlemania. Orton says he’s no longer a rookie and asks the Universe who should face The Undertaker: CM Punk or Randy Orton.

CM Punk and Randy Orton are interrupted by The Big Show.

Big Show reminds us of his loss to The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, but says back then he didn’t have “this” and shows his fists.

Big Show says in order to break the streak, you need to be more than a Viper or Straight Edge, You need to be a giant. Big Show claims he’s going to knock the Undertaker’s 20-0 streak right into oblivion. and this giant is going to knock The Undertaker’s streak right into oblivion.

Sheamus interrupts the three of them out and states his claim to face The Undertaker saying he’s never faced The Undertaker before and that it’s going to take more than a Big Fist, a GTS or an to take down The Undertaker. Sheamus thinks maybe a Big Boot, a lot of heart and the luck of the Irish will be able to do the trick.

Vickie Guerrero comes out and says that the person who beats The Undertaker at Wrestlemania and breaks the streak will cement their name as the greatest of all time. Vickie makes a Fatal-4-Way Match with CM Punk, Randy Orton, Big Show and Sheamus to determine who gets the opportunity to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania!

Match 01: Antonio Cesaro vs. Ryback

Antonio Cesaro Pre-Tape Promo:

Back to the Match!

Winner: Ryback

Post-Match, Mark Henry and Ryback stare down.

Match 02: Mark Henry vs. Zack Ryder

Winner: Mark Henry

Match 03: The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler

The Miz takes the mic, which wasn’t working, and says that since the WWE is personifying old school, allow him to introduce The Nature Boy, Ric Flair!

Back to the Match!

Big E. Langston interferes. Ric Flair throws his sports coat on Big E. Langston

The Miz hits the Figure-Four on Dolph Ziggler

Winner: The Miz

Post-Match, The Miz and Ric Flair celebrate.

The Rock vs. John Cena: Point Counter Point

The Rock makes his entrance.

The Rock tells us about his trip to Panama and how warm it is, then tells us about packing for Buffalo and arguing about not bringing a jacket. The Rock continues his weather report by telling us how cold it is in Buffalo then segues into hi “FINALLY!” bit.

The Rock begins to hype Wrestlemania, but he’s interrupted by John Cena.

John Cena apologizes for interrupting and says that he’s waited for this moment for a year and The Rock doesn’t know why because he’s “Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.” Cena puts over that The Rock’s conquered the WWE, Hollywood and WWE again, and says that the Rock doesn’t know what it feels like to tell the world that you have to do something and fail. Cena reminds everyone about his Wrestlemania promise and failure. John Cena tells The Rock that a failed promise like that makes you feel worthless as loud “Cena Sucks” chants break out.

John Cena said this moment sent his life into a tailspin, professionally and personally then blames The Rock for his collapse and says he’s responsible for Cena’s turn around. John Cena says there’s no coincidence that the night The Rock became WWE Champion, that he was able to win the Royal Rumble, and finally defeat CM Punk.

John Cena but says that most people don’t even get one chance and now that he’s got a second chance, he’s giving Rock a 34 day notice that he’s not throwing this chance away. The Rock says he’s happy to see the fire and desire in John Cena and he says that he wanted to face John Cena at Wrestlemania. Rock says that he knows what this match means to Cena and that’s why no one has Cena’s passion, drive, fire and will to win except The Rock. The Rock says that he connects with everyone all over the world and in 34 days, John Cena isn’t getting redemption, he’s getting his ass kicked.

John Cena says he’d like to step back and quote one of the great philosophers of this era, Mike Tyson. Cena makes an “Eat his children” joke, then says “In order to be the greatest that ever lived, you have to beat everyone living.” Cena says he’s accomplished every single goal except for beating The Rock. Cena says at Wrestlemania 29, Rock’s time is up, but his time is now.

The Rock says his time isn’t up but his time his just getting started. The Rock counters with a quote, “Winning is about heart. You just gotta have it in the right place.” The Rock said that was from Lance Armstrong, he was full of crap and so is John Cena.

John Cena compliments The Rock’s line but says that he makes history and in 34 days, he will become the WWE Champion. The Rock says that Cena just crystallized everything that if The Rock and John Cena. The Rock says that’s the biggest difference between The Rock and John Cena: Cena thinks he can beat him, Rock knows he can beat him and The Rock will beat him again. If you smell, what The Rock is cookin.

Match 04: Jack Swagger vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Jack Swagger attacks the legends with Hacksaw’s 2×4!

Jack Swagger hits the ankle lock on Hacksaw!

Match 05: Daniel Bryan and Kane vs. The Prime Time Players (with Ted DiBiase)

A “We Want Virgil” Chants break out:

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Kane 

Post-Match, the Million Dollar Man puts a $100 bill in Darren Young’s mouth

Daniel Bryan comes back and steals the money!

Backstage: Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter are proud of what they did to the Legends. Josh Mathews asks why he would do such a thing, but Jack Swagger gets attacked by Alberto Del Rio. The two get separated by security.

Match 06: Brodus Clay and Tensai vs. The Three Man Band

The Honky Tonk Man makes an appearance, but Heath Slater interrupts him and kicks him out of the ring.

Winner: Brodus Clay and Tensai 

Post-Match, The Honky Tonk Man dances with Brodus Clay and Tensai. Heath Slater interrupts but gets hit with a guitar.

Match 07: Kofi Kingston vs. Fandango

Fandango tries to get Justin Roberts to say his name right.

Fandango refuses to wrestle until Justin Roberts gets his name right.

Winner: Kofi Kingston?

Triple H addresses Brock Lesnar:

Triple H reminds us of Brock Lesnar breaking his arm and his “retirement” speech and says he wasn’t sure if he was trying to convince the WWE Universe or him. Triple H tells us once his cast was off, he was back in the gym training every day, but with no goal in mind. Triple H says even though he cut his hair and continued his “jaydob,” he ended up being in the best shape of his life and was just waiting for a reason.

Triple H tells us about the day Mr. McMahon had hip surgery. Triple H says he put aside the fact that Mr. McMahon created the WWE, that his wife, Stephanie and his kids were crying because on the inside he was smiling because he finally found his reason and all he needed was an opportunity. Triple H found his opportunity when that “crazy ass old man” challenged Paul Heyman to a fight, because he knew Heyman would bring out Brock Lesnar.

Triple H tells Brock Lesnar that if he thinks they were done at Summerslam, touch his 12 staples because he’s just getting started. Triple H says there’s 5 weeks till “The Big Dance (Wrestlemania)” and calls out Brock Lesnar. Triple H wants to finish this at Wrestlemania and says The Asskicker, The King Of Kings, The Game is back. Triple H asks Invisible Brock Lesnar if he’s going to show up and fight? Or sit there and bleed?

The Shield Video Promo: 

The Shield talks about The Undertaker and trying to make history by facing The Deadman and reminds everyone they’re undefeated. The Shield calls out The Big Show for knocking out Roman Reigns, but claims it will never happen again. The Shield wishes the Superstars good luck in their match tonight and says no one can beat theme.

Match 08: Alberto Del Rio vs. Wade Barrett

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Post-Match, Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger have a staredown.

Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger do a pre-recorded promo on Political Correctness:

Match 09: The New Age Outlaws vs. Primo and Epico:

The New Age Outlaws do their bit, but Road Dogg modifies it by making a Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis “Thrift Shop” reference.

Winner: The New Age Outlaws

Mean Gene Okerlund comes out to join the WWE Superstars in wishing Mae Young a Happy Birthday:

CM Punk interrupts Mae Young’s birthday celebration:

Michael McGillicutty is the only person celebrating CM Punk’s actions:

Match 10: CM Punk vs. Randy Orton vs. Big Show vs. Sheamus (Winner faces The Undertaker)

Sheamus Brogue Kicks Big Show. Randy Orton RKO’s Sheamus. CM Punk kicks Randy Orton in the head and hits the GTS for the win!

Winner: CM Punk

The Undertaker’s theme plays and he shows up for the 2nd time tonight.

The Undertaker and CM Punk stare down.

So That Happened:

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