So That Happened: #RAW Recap (02/02/15)


RAW begins with The Authority

The WWE Locker Room is watching backstage.

Stephanie McMahon welcomes the WWE Universe to Monday Night RAW, then brings up the Super Bowl. Stephanie celebrates the New England Patriots win, saying that despite controversy, that’s what’s Best for Business.

Triple H jokes that he hopes the NFL can survive with the #CancelTheNFLNetwork movement.

Triple H shows the footage of the “controversy” of the Roman Reigns victory in the Royal Rumble match. Triple H says Big Show and Kane should not have gotten involved in the match and were guilty of being unsportsmanlike. Triple H says the real problem, however was The Rock. Triple H says The Rock has no business here, and despite being one of the biggest Superstars in history and a Hollywood Celebrity, he is no longer a WWE Superstar and had no business getting involved in the Royal Rumble.

Triple H says it’s partially his fault, because he lets these people in and these people interfere because they have a name and want to affect business. Triple H says he let Sting get away with it at Survivor Series and that’s unacceptable. Triple H says it stops at Fast Lane, because he’s calling Sting out at the event. Triple H wants Sting face-to-face and promises to resolves the problem.

Stephanie McMahon responds to the “We Want Sting” chants by saying they will get him at Fast Lane, which is on the WWE Network for just $9.99. Triple H goes back to Roman Reigns. Stephanie McMahon says that because of The Rock’s interference, there could have been a different winner at Royal Rumble. Stephanie says that Roman will go down as a Royal Rumble winner, but questions if he should actually face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.

Stephanie McMahon is cut off by Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns calls Triple H out on trying to take away his Wrestlemania title shot, and says “Hell No.” Stephanie McMahon tries to get involved, but Triple H and Roman Reigns are face to face.

Stephanie McMahon talks to Roman Reigns about his legacy, then says that the very legacy he wants to impress might be the very reason why he shouldn’t go on to Main Event Wrestlemania.

Stephanie McMahon gets cut off by Daniel Bryan.

After a loud “YES” chant, Stephanie McMahon sarcastically welcomes Daniel Bryan back. Daniel Bryan brings up the controversy of him being stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and never getting a rematch. Bryan says if there is a title shot on the line, he is throwing his name in the hat one more time.

Triple H says that Daniel Bryan was stripped of the title because of contractual obligations. Triple H claims he was going to give Daniel Bryan a title shot, but he threw himself in a Royal Rumble that he didn’t belong in.

Triple H gets cut off by Seth Rollins.

After a commercial break, Seth Rollins says that this is getting ridiculous. Rollins tells Bryan that Brock Lesnar would eat him alive.

Seth Rollins tells Daniel Bryan that he doesn’t deserve a title shot because got hurt and it’s nobody’s fault but Bryans and welcomes him to where “The Big Boys Play.”

Seth Rollins turns his attention to Roman Reigns, saying that he wouldn’t even be number one contender if it weren’t for The Rock, so he doesn’t deserve to go to the Main Event at Wrestlemania. Rollins says he should be the one to go to Wrestlemania, because he broke Brock Lesnar’s ribs and stole the show. Reigns cuts him off, and says if he gets any closer, he will knock Rollins into next week.

Triple H calms everyone down, saying that this was not their announcement, but they listen to the WWE Universe and their Superstars.

Triple H makes a match tonight: Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins, where the winner goes on to face Roman Reigns at Fast Lane. The winner of the match at Fast Lane goes on to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Triple H tells Roman Reigns that he has everything to lose here, but he has a chance to stop all the booing and controversy by just accepting this proposal. Stephanie McMahon tells Reigns that this is his chance that he can prove to the WWE Universe and his family and himself that he belongs in the Main Event of Wrestlemania.

Daniel Bryan tells Roman Reigns not to listen to The Authority. Bryan says that after he beats Seth Rollins tonight, he and Reigns go to Fast Lane and tear the house down and the winner proves who goes to the Main Event of Wrestlemania.


Seth Rollins says no one wants to see Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns, saying that Reigns would break Bryan apart. Rollins tells Reigns if he doesn’t say yes to the offer, it’s because he doesn’t have the guts to face Seth Rollins.

The Authority asks Roman Reigns what his decision is. After a “YES” Chant, Roman Reigns accepts it.

Triple H puts Roman Reigns in a match next against Big Show.

Match 01: Big Show vs. Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns catches Big Show with a Superman Punch.

Seth Rollins hits Roman Reigns in the back with the Money In The Bank briefcase, allowing Big Show to hit Roman Reigns with the Chokeslam.

Winner: Big Show


Backstage: The Authority brags about manipulating Roman Reigns into defending his Royal Rumble title victory. Stephanie brags about Daniel Bryan getting involved. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon think their plan of Rollins beating Bryan and Reigns, then going to Wrestlemania will work.

Triple H brings up the Stone Cold Podcast tonight. Stephanie McMahon asks Triple H if he’s concerned about what Stone Cold might ask him. Triple H says Austin can ask whatever he wants, because he will manipulate Austin just like he did everyone else tonight.

Curtis Axel Speaks:

Curtis Axel tells the WWE Universe not to turn the channel because he has something he wants to say. Axel complains about never being eliminated in the Royal Rumble and claims he would’ve won if he was never sucker punched.

Curtis Axel says he wants justice, then points to the Wrestlemania sign. Curtis Axel wants Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Curits Axel is interrupted by Dean Ambrose.

Dean Ambrose attacks Curtis Axel and throws him out of the ring.


Dean Ambrose starts to make demands of his own. Ambrose talks about the walk he took to WWE Headquarters last week. While at the headquarters, Ambrose noticed a wall of past and present WWE Champions. Ambrose jokes that he takes a good mugshot and that his face would look great on that wall.

Dean Ambrose reminds the WWE Universe that he pinned Intercontinental Champion, Bad News Barrett and is in line for a WWE Intercontinental Title Match. Ambrose mocks Bad News Barrett’s catchphrase, then says he will become the Intercontinental Champion and get himself on the Wall Of Champions. Ambrose says to strap yourselves in because we are on the Road To Fast Lane.


Curtis Axel attacks Dean Ambrose.

Curtis Axel gets taken out with the Dirty Deeds.

WWE Celebrates Black History Month: Big Cat Ernie Ladd

Match 02: The Ascension vs. Gold and Stardust

The Ascension take Goldust out with the Fall Of Man.

Winners: The Ascension

Post-Match, Stardust yells at Goldust then leaves him in the ring.

Backstage: Stardust is pacing around upset. Goldust tries to talk to Stardust, but he doesn’t listen. Goldust decides to drop the C word.

Stardust tells Goldust to never call him “Cody” again. Stardust hisses then storms off.

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