Snapshots: #TotalPaige

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On this week’s RAW, during the Paige versus Alicia Fox match, the Bella Twins joined Cole, JBL and Booker T on commentary. Nikki Bella, the WWE Divas champion, expressed her displeasure with some of the newest cast member of Total Divas, namely Paige. Since being added to the cast, the show has really stopped being the Bella centric show it was always touted (Hey! Remember Tout?) to be. Based on our recaps, fans of Total Divas figured out the same thing the WWE Universe did: we love Paige and would love a purely Paige show, Total Paige:

For the record, we’re completely on the #TotalPaige bandwagon.

So much so, that in this Total Divas-less week (thanks, SuperBowl…), we’ve decided to make our own version of Total Paige this week.

3MB_WWEIZOD_20150124_0087_TextWe’ve only seen Paige twice in reality: once at the Nassau Coliseum and again at the last show at the IZOD Center. B0th times seem straight out of the TV Show.

3MB_WWEIZOD_20150124_0062Nattie and Paige, now best friends after bonding over their in-ring chemistry… kinda, teamed up in New Jersey to face Alicia Fox and Cameron.

3MB_WWEIZOD_20150124_0056The reality show antics started early when Cameron ripped up a fan’s sign for Nattie. But the Dynasty Divas were unfazed by these antics. They worked together to give Cameron a double suplex as a form of retaliation.

3MB_WWEIZOD_20150124_0072The Best and the Brit lost the advantage briefly. Cameron calmed Nattie down with a submission hold. But after our jeers of ‘Cameron’ (like ‘Darryl‘) and Paige’s motivating words from the apron, Nattie was able to counter the Queen of the Backbreaker, Alicia Fox and make her way to her tag partner.

3MB_WWEIZOD_20150124_0078Then she made the tag to Paige who came in like a house of fire. She took care of Cameron and delivered a brutal SuperKick to Alicia Fox!

3MB_WWEIZOD_20150124_0081Then Nattie re-joined the fray. Both Divas showed off their specialist skills: Nattie applied that Sharpshooter and Paige applied the the PTO, a scorpion cross-lock that’s part-Sharpshooter, part-double chicken wing. Cameron had no choice but to say “Girl, Bye!” which is Cameron-speak for “I Quit.”

3MB_WWEIZOD_20150124_0082And that’s why you never mess with Team Nattie, Cameron! Especially their signs! Nattie, hit ’em with the hair flip!


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