I Was There: #TNANYC Lockdown 2015

In “I Was There” 3MB provides a first hand account of a things we attend.

TNA kicked off its debut on Destination America by having a series of shows at the Manhattan Center. They started with a live IMPACT on Wednesday and ended with a double header on Friday: an episode of IMPACT and their PPVonTV, TNA Lockdown.

3MB_TNAinNYC_20150109_0009Both the IMPACT episode and Lockdown had the Manhattan Center buzzing. The TNA Knockouts put on an amazing display as Taryn Terrell successfully defended her Knockouts title against Gail Kim and Madison Rayne.


At TNA Lockdown, every match takes place inside a steel cage.Wrestlers like Tryus used it to their advantage when placed in matches with a handicap. As he took on Rockstar Spud and Mandrews, the bodyguard of Ethan Carter III, deliver a splash to Mandrews when he stuck between a rock (Tyrus) and a hard place (the steel cage).


The main event is a match called Lethal Lockdown, which is like WCW’s War Games but with Weapons. Team Angle – Kurt Angle, Austin Aries, Gunner and TNA Champion Bobby Lashley – took on The Beat Down Crew – MVP, Kenny King, Samoa Joe and Low-Ki – inside the six sides of steel, alternating entrants until all 8 men wreaked havoc in the ring. But speaking of Havok, the Knockouts stole the night at Lockdown.

That battle we’ve been wanting to see in TNA is between the two most dominant Knockouts: Awesome Kong and Havok. After their previous attempt to battle ended in a no contest, their next encounter had to take place inside a steel cage. Both Knockouts used the cage to their advantage, throwing each other into the steel inside and outside of the ring. Then, they took the battle to new heights, climbing the cage for leverage. But the crowed erupted when Awesome Kong DELIVERED A SPLASH FROM THE ROPES!

3MB_TNAinNYC_20150109_0015_TextCheck out this and other photos from our experience on our Facebook page. Whenever wrestling comes to town, New York City comes alive.

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