So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (02/08/15)

Nikki Bella and John Cena are getting ready to work out. John Cena comes out in actual wrestling gear and a Patriot Mask.


John Cena charges at Nikki Bella then the two decide to do cardio inside.

At Hell In A Cell, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella have their match. Both Bellas are excited to be in a storyline with each other and have a match with each other.

The Bellas have a competitive match, but Nikki Bella wins.

Later, The Three Amigas are hanging out while Rosa Mendes complains about her dry lips. Paige and Alicia Fox joke that Rosa Mendes has herpes.

At RAW, Tyson Kidd returns. Natalya is uncomfortable about being in a storyline with him because they are separated.

Later, The Three Amigas are having fun with Naomi.

Cameron shows up and Alicia Fox quickly blows her off. Alicia Fox is not a fan of Camero nand compares her to Shenehneh from Martin.

Cameron tells Rosa Mendes and Paige that she just wants to squash the beef and possibly get more TV time with everyone. Rosa Mendes suggests that Cameron join Alicia Fox and herself to this Girl’s Trip. Cameron doesn’t think Alicia will appreciate it, but since it’s in LA, Cameron could just leave and go home. Cameron agrees to go on the trip.

After small talk with Dolph Ziggler, Natalya vents Naomi about not being comfortable with working with Tyson Kidd. Natalya runs down a list of her problems, like her Dad’s sickness, her house being fumigated, etc. Naomi lets Natalya stay with her as her house gets fumigated. Natalya asks if Naomi can get her because her car is messed up. Naomi is impressed with Natalya’s bad luck.

The Bella Twins are shopping and playing when they stop and notice one of those horse head costumes. Nikki talks about John Cena and his friend Rob using those heads at the gym, then calls the horse a “Cintar.” Brie corrects her, saying it’s a centaur

Brie Bella puts on the horse had costume and takes a picture for Nikki Bella.

The Bella Twins continue shopping, when Nikki Bella notices organic condoms. Brie says she would use these if she did use condoms. Nikki asks what Brie does if she doesn’t use condoms or birth control.

Nikki Bella asks Brie what she and Bryan do to stay protected and Brie reveals she and Bryan use the “pullout method.” Nikki Bella is upset about this because if Brie Bella gets pregnant, it can hurt the Bella Brand and her career. Brie doesn’t mind having a baby because she’s only having sex with her husband, Daniel Bryan.


Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes are bikini shopping.

After bikini shopping, Rosa Mendes asks Alicia Fox why she doesn’t like Cameron. Alicia Fox doesn’t like Cameron’s “boujhetto attitude” and doesn’t want to deal with it. Rosa thinks Cameron asks different at work and won’t act like that on this trip.

John Cena and Nikki Bella are having champagne and talking about Nikki Bella’s merchandise. Nikki compares her recent merchandise success to her boyfriend, John Cena’s.

Nikki Bella tells John Cena that what concerns her is that Brie Bella doesn’t use birth control. Nikki tells Cena that Brie and Bryan use the pullout method. Nikki thinks if Brie gets pregnant, it will hurt the Bella Brand and their careers. John Cena agrees with some of Nikki Bella’s points, but says it’s Brie’s life and there’s not much Nikki can do for her. Nikki gets upset that John Cena didn’t take her side.

At the hotel, Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes are at the hotel when Cameron arrives with her boyfriend, Vinnie.

Alicia Fox is already upset because it’s supposed to be a Girl’s Night. While Alicia Fox gets ready, Cameron teaches Rosa Mendes how to twerk. Alicia Fox is not impressed.

Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes and Cameron arrive at the club. They all continue to have a good time.

Later, Jimmy Uso jokes about having to babysit Natalya and the cats. Natalya’s nosy neighbor apologizes about her and Tyson Kidd’s split.

Natalya gets ready to pack until she realizes, she left the cats bowl inside. Nattie is not allowed to go back inside because the house is being fumigated. Natalya rushes into the house anyway, while Jimmy Uso and Naomi are concerned for Nattie. Nattie barely makes it back.


Afterwards, Natalya is in the car talking about all of her problems while the cats in the car shed. Jimmy Uso and Naomi quietly realize what they’ve gotten themselves into.

Later, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are in their garden talking about birth control. Brie Bella brings up how upset Nikki Bella is about the fact they don’t use birth control. Brie says Nikki is concerned about the brand, but Bryan thinks the Bellas will survive if Brie gets pregnant.

Brie Bella mentions that having a baby right now wouldn’t be bad then jokes that Bryan has baby fever. Bryan would be thrilled to have a baby right now if they could, then jokes that he could put a baby in Brie in the next 10 minutes.

Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes go driving with Cameron. Cameron and Alicia Fox get into an argument over who drives. Cameron wants to drive because she lives in LA, but Alicia Fox insists on driving.

Alicia Fox continues to drive as Cameron gets freaked out by Fox’s aggressive driving.


Later, Alicia Fox, Cameron and Rosa Mendes go on a hike together. While on the hike, Cameron talks about her time in NXT and how happy she was to go back and get better. Alicia Fox is happy that Cameron went back to NXT because she needed the help and if she didn’t, she’d be a liability in the ring.


Alicia Fox and Cameron get into a huge argument over NXT. Cameron calls Alicia Fox a Grandma in the WWE and thinks Alicia Fox is jealous that she had to spend 2 years in Developmental while Cameron only spent 3 months.

Later, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella have dinner with Nikki Bella. After a hug, Nikki asks Bryan if she missed him and Bryan jokes about Nikki’s implants feeling like rocks in her back.

While having dinner, The Bellas start talking about career and family. Brie mentions that Bryan would make a great Stay At Home Dad. Nikki thinks that’s a good idea, until Brie and Bryan remind her that only Brie can get pregnant. Nikki starts talking about The Bella Brand, how it took 7 and a half years to build that brand and her concerns.

Nikki Bella brings up the fact that Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella use the pullout method instead of other birth control. Brie Bella gets upset that Nikki is bringing this up, but Nikki is upset because she thinks Brie is being selfish. Nikki calls Brie out on giving up everything she cared about, but Bryan and Brie turn it back on Nikki, who gave up marriage and kids for John Cena.

The arguing escalates further, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan tell Nikki Bella that it’s their life and if they want to try tonight. They will try. Brie Bella tells Nikki that she’s upset because Nikki might never become a Mother and Brie actually wants to be one. Nikki is upset about this and thinks Brie loves to bring that up to hurt her.

Both The Bella Twins lose their appetite Daniel Bryan, not so much.

At Jimmy Uso and Naomi’s house, Natalya looks at their wedding photos. While looking at the photos, Natalya begins to tear up, thinking about her hard times with Tyson Kidd. Natalya apologizes because she doesn’t want to burden anyone with their problems.

Alicia Fox, Cameron and Rosa Mendes go to the pool. Alicia Fox jokes that there’s not enough room for Cameron. While at the pool, Alicia Fox, Cameron and Rosa Mendes start talking about Celebrity Look-A-Likes. Rosa claims she was told she looks like Sofia Vergara, then does a horrible accent.

Rosa Mendes asks one of the serves what celebrity does Cameron looks like. The Server says Halle Berry.

Rosa Mendes tells Cameron that if she had a big butt, she was told she looked like Nicki Minaj. Alicia Fox says she looks like a Bootleg Nicki Minaj. Rosa compares Alicia to Rihanna, but Cameron says she’s a stank version of Rihanna. Cameron and Alicia Fox get into another argument, then Cameron leaves.

After Cameron storms off, Rosa Mendes goes after her. Cameron says she doesn’t enjoy being here if Alicia Fox is just going to jab at her. Rosa suggests that the two of them talk it out.

Alicia Fox and Cameron have a conversation. Alicia tells Cameron the reason she doesn’t like Cameron is because she has always been rude to her ever since she came in. Alicia is a veteran and doesn’t want Cameron to be a douche. Cameron feels that Alicia Fox was rude to her in the beginning. Alicia Fox thinks Cameron thinks she’s Alicia’s “younger replacement.” Alicia Fox and Cameron agree to put their past behind them and be friendly with each other. Alicia Fox apologizes for letting her insecurities get in the way.

Natalya goes back to Jimmy Uso and Naomi’s house and notices the candle. Naomi tells Natalya that Jimmy Uso feels claustrophobic with all the cats and that there is cat hair Jimmy’s favorite blanket. Natalya starts to feel like a bother and tries to leave Naomi’s apartment with the cats.

Naomi calms Natalya down and tells her that she knows Natalya is going through a rough patch, but she needs to get her stuff together. Naomi thinks Natalya will get through this and should focus more on the positives than the negatives.

Naomi mentions that she had to clean the cat poop with her hands then asks about the pooper scooper. Natalya realizes she forgot the pooper scooper. Natalya suggests using a spoon, which Naomi finds gross.

Later, Paige, Cameron and Rosa Mendes are watching Alicia Fox vs. Naomi. Rosa jokes that if she and Cameron kiss, their lipstick won’t smudge because it matches. Paige makes fun of this comment saying if she and Cameron hugged, it wouldn’t change because they were both wearing fur.

After going over some gear with Sandra, Nikki Bella tells Brie that she is having a meeting with Mark Corrano and Joe people to see if they could make Nikki Bella merchandise when Brie is gone. Brie is upset because she has no plans to get pregnant right now and thinks Nikki is overreacting.

Nikki Bella meets with Mark Carrano and asks the hypothetical question , that if Brie Bella gets pregnant, will things work out for her Nikki Bella as a solo act?


Mark Carrano is confused and Nikk Bella lets him know that Brie has a hardcore case of baby fever. Mark tells Nikki that both Bella Brands are strong, but they are stronger together. Mark turns to Joe to see if he has any opinions on it. Joe thinks the Fearless Nikki brand is strong with or without Brie and that Nikki will be okay.

So That Happened:

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