I Was There: ROH Final Battle 12/07/14

In “I Was There” 3MB provides a first hand account of a things we attend.

Final Battle was the last pay per view of the year for Ring of Honor; it is also the first Final Battle to be held at the Terminal 5 instead of the Hammerstein Ballroom. That being said, let’s get the bad out of the way. Terminal 5 is a wrestling venue. It’s designed for concerts since it has a raised stage, 3 floors and a disco ball. That meant a lot of standing, 3ManBooth included. That also meant a packed house of frustrated wrestling fans, constantly jockeying for a good view of the action. But Ring of Honor knews how to get the crowd on its side: dropping Jay Briscoe through a table via an Adam Cole Superkick!

During the main event, Jay Briscoe versus Adam Cole for the ROH Heavyweight Championship in a Code Without Honor (aka unsanctioned match), each wrestler tried to one-up each other in order to win the match and put their opponent down. Jay Briscoe reaches for a staple gun; Adam Rose STAPLES PAPER TO BRISCOE’S FACE!

earning a “You Sick F*ck” chant from Terminal 5.

But Briscoe turned the tables – er, chairs – on Cole. Adam brought in a chair; Jay slammed Adam through two chairs!
Then came the tacks. Jay introduced the tacks; Adam elevated it. Adam took a handful of tacks, placed it in Jay’s mouth and SUPERKICKED JAY’S FACE, causing him to spit or swallow those pointy barbs, earning another “You Sick F*ck!”chant.
Ultimately, this came down to the championship title. Not only do both men want to possess it but Adam Cole wants to use it. He brought it into the ring and struck Jay Briscoe with it. Briscoe kicked out of the pin attempt and left Cole at a loss.
Out of options, Cole say his quest for the championship reflected in the Ring of Honor championship title. At the feet of jay Briscoe, Cole wanted mercy. But after all Cole put Briscoe through – not just in this match but over the course of several weeks – there was no mercy to be had; only acceptance. Cole accepted his fate and was driven head first into the title belt via a Jay Briscoe Driver.
Jay Briscoe retained the championship, earned redemption for his father and may have earned respect for Adam Cole in the process.

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