So That Happened: #RAW / #RAWIsJericho Recap (12/15/14)


RAW begins with the return of Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho welcomes the WWE Universe to RAW is Jericho, then thanks them for voting for him to win the Slammy for most Extreme Moment Of The Year. . After making fun of Fandango’s name and dancing, Jericho demands “Fandunghole” come out and give him back the Slammy.

Paul Heyman interrupts Chris Jericho and thinks he deserves the Extreme Moment Of The Year since he is the Father of Extreme Moments and the Father of ECW.

Paul Heyman mocks Chris Jericho’s Ayatolla of Rock and Roll-a catchphrase, then stakes his claim to be the GM of RAW.

Chris Jericho makes fun of Heyman, calling him a Walrus, then reminds Heyman that he owes Jericho $200 from 20 Years Ago back in ECW. Jericho continues to tease Paul Heyman about money.

Paul Heyman switches the conversation to Seth Rollins. Heyman is upset that Rollins failed to defeat John Cena at TLC. Paul Heyman switches the conversation to Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins comes out to confront Paul Heyman, but Heyman quickly backs down.

Seth Rollins blames The Vigilante Sting and Roman Reigns for his recent losses, claiming that John Cena needs help to defeat him. Rollins knows he can beat Cena by himself, but he gets interrupted by John Cena.

John Cena tells Seth Rollins he’s not a man because he keeps making excuses for his defeat. Cena claims Seth Rollins lacks testicles, then tells Rollins a real man, picks himself up after a loss and continues to fight, even if it’s with a beast.

John Cena turns his attention to Paul Heyman and his fight against Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

John Cena goes back to Seth Rollins, saying since Brock isn’t in the arena, he’s looking for a fight tonight. Cena jokes about finding someone who can make Cena vs. Rollins for tonight.

Chris Jericho officially makes John Cena vs. Seth Rollins in a Steel Cage tonight.

Seth Rollins trashes Chris Jericho, calling him the Worst GM of All Time. Rollins tells Jericho that he’s out of shape and can’t even beat the Popcorn Guy or Paul Heyman. Jericho agrees about the Popcorn Guy, saying the Popcorn Guy is a Ninja, but knows he can beat Paul Heyman.


Paul Heyman tries to talk his way out of a match with Chris Jericho, but Seth Rollins continues to egg Jericho on. Jericho makes a match between himself and Heyman tonight, where the WWE Universe can choose the stipulation via WWE App. The choices are Street Fight, No Holds Barred and another Variation of a Street Fight.

Match 01: Dolph Ziggler and Erick Rowan vs. Big Show and Luke Harper

Big Show takes advantage of the distraction and knocks out Erick Rowan.

Winners: Big Show and Luke Harper

Backstage: Chris Jericho confronts Fandango, promising to take his Slammy back tonight after he’s through with Paul Heyman.

Backstage: The New Day speak about their opponents Gold and Stardust, saying that the Negativity is gone and has been exposed by the light. After making fun of Big E’s sweat, Kofi Kingston proceeds to do a rap about light and darkness. I’m not making this up.

Match 02: The Bella Twins vs. Alicia Fox and Natalya

Nikki Bella gets knocked off the apron. Brie Bella goes for the Bella Buster, but Natalya counters it into a Sharpshooter.

Winners: Alicia Fox and Natalya

Post-Match, Tyson Kidd checks on Nikki Bella’s ankle instead of going to Natalya and Alicia Fox.

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