Boo This Man: Adrian Neville

In Boo This Man, ThreeManBooth will call out someone or something that really gripes us.

Friendship is really important in pro wrestling. That bond that is forged over hours on the road can cause 2 Superstars to become a successful tag team. Such was the case for Ryback and Curtis Axel; they briefly teamed up, forming Rybaxel, and the result is that both Superstars are better off after their amicable breakup. Ryback was part of Team Cena at the Survivor Series and Curtis Axel … watched Ryback be part of Team Cena at the Survivor Series for FREE on the WWE Network! Other friendships are formed through GM mandated therapy sessions. Such was the case for Kane and Daniel Bryan. Through their Dr. Shelby sessions, they found some respect for each other and even pushed each other to be better. Daniel Bryan became WWE World Heavyweight Champion; KANE got comfortable wrestling in slacks.

The friendship of Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville is more like the latter example, minus Dr. Shelby and the whole “I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS” thing. Both Zayn and Neville strive to be the best in NXT, by being champion. They encouraged each other on their road to the top and, as fate would have it, they faced each other for the #1 contendership. Neville emerged the victor and, in a show of solidarity, Zayn skipped the post – match handshake in favor of a hug. Neville went on to win the NXT champion, with Zayn supporting him the whole time. After all this, why are we booing Adrian Neville, The Man that Gravity Forgot?


See, while Adrian was enjoying his reign as NXT champion, Sami Zayn was still competing to get that #1 contendership. He wanted to face his friend, one of his fiercest competitors, on equal footing. After hitting a bit of a slump, Zayn proceeded to defeat his opponents – Tyson Kidd, Titus O’Neil and Tyler Breeze – in succession. Well, General Manager William Regal took notice, as did the rest of us. He granted Zayn the title shot he earned against Adrian Neville. So, it was on: friend versus friend for the biggest prize in the land.

This encounter was different than their previous battles. Zayn was very much in control, no doubt riding the wave of momentum from his string of victories. Neville seemed taken off guard, escaping the ring a few times to regain his composure. When he went for his finisher, Red Arrow, Zayn moved out of the way. Neville, using his enhanced agility, was able to course correct, landing on his feet instead of crashing into the mat;

however, he seemed to have hurt his knee. He clutched at his leg and called urgently for the referee’s assistance. Zayn, being a gentleman, went to check on his friend only to discover he had been duped! Neville cradled Zayn for a quick pin to retain the NXT championship.

Now, we’re not new to this. We know that this is wrestling, where miraculous comebacks happen all the time. This is the place where people do anything to win. But it’s one thing to cheat to win and another to deceive your friend! Neville did the latter, which is way worse. And, post match, he went for the celebratory hug / headbutt; that is something only good friends do, Adrian. Clearly, you and Sami are not friends.

To rub salt in the defeat, Neville has been telling everyone that Zayn can’t win the big one. That’s not the case. Sami Zayn isn’t afraid to win the big one without sacrificing his code, something you wouldn’t understand, Adrian! The shine from the NXT championship must have blinded you from the code of friendship. At NXT Takeover R-Evolution, Sami will slap some sense into you, while taking your title in the process.

Sami Zayn: Slap This Man!

Everyone else:

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

We’re rooting for you, Sami!

Update: Our rooting worked! Not only did Sami Zayn defeat Adrian Neville for the NXT championship, but someone else turned a corner. Post match, in front of most of the NXT locker room, Zayn and Neville faced each other one more time. Zayn reached for a handshake; Neville rejected it, opting to hug:

echoing what Zayn did after Neville beat him for the title opportunity many months ago.

They’re friends again!

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