Highlight Reel: Feed Me Friendship

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will look at funny and interesting wrestling videos

The return of The Ryback has taken the WWE Universe, or at least the 3ManBoothiverse, by storm. The Big Guy made a surprise comeback that almost made Bo Dallas question everything he Bolieves. The next week, he went Hoss for Hoss against Titus O’Neil that resulted in him getting recruited by The Authority for their Survivor Series team. And somewhere in between those two moments, he fell for Heath Slater’s Halloween Trick


GIF Courtesy of Strictly Wrestling

But the lingering question surrounding Mr. Feed Me More has been his former tag team partner, Curtis Axel. The two former Paul Heyman guys used that mutual association to bond and develop a genuine friendship. It’s an earnest a bromance in wrestling as you can get. They even joined theme entrances! But is all of that over?

3MB_WWE_TheRyback_DoneAccording to WWE Superstars, Rybaxel isn’t exactly done. In the locker room, Curtis Axel is feeling down after losing to Adam Rose. Luckily, The Ryback is there to pick up his spirits and pick up their friendship, right where they left off:

At worst, this is an amicable break-up. At best, it’s two friends working separately only to reunite, bigger, stronger and Rybaxel-er than ever!



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