So That Happened: #RAW Recap (11/10/14)


RAW begins with John Cena.

After the John Cena Sucks chants, Cena says he finds that version amusing and thanks the WWE Universe. Cena starts to talk about the hostile environment in WWE and his struggles to fill Team Cena for Survivor Series. Cena hypes Team Authority vs. Team Cena and the stipulation that if The Authority loses, they are out of a job.

John Cena says The Authority doesn’t want him to have a team and they’re using scare tactics against the WWE Superstars. Cena talks about The Authority’s attacks on Zack Ryder and Randy Orton, saying Ryder will be out for 6 months and Orton will be out indefinitely.

John Cena says he has two people who will stand by his side. Jack Swagger, who has a match tonight against Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler. After a loud “We Want Ziggler” chant, Cena says The Authority is trying to keep Ziggler away.

John Cena thinks he’s found someone who isn’t afraid of The Authority, and it’s his opponent tonight, Ryback. After a “Feed Me More” chant, Cena wants Ryback to come down to the ring, so they can talk business.

Ryback comes down to the ring.

The Authority walks out with their newest partner for Team Authority, Mark Henry.

After a loud “Where’s Our Network” chant, Stephanie McMahon says the UK knows who to ask the right questions too and that they’re accustom to being ruled by a Monarchy. Stephanie jokes that she’s going to change her entrance music to God Save The Queen.

Triple H tells John Cena that he’s right about one thing: Everything is on the line at Survivor Series. Triple H says everything is on the line for The Authority and everyone in the WWE. Triple H admits he’s trying to scare people from being on Team Cena, and says he’s going to put the fear of God into the WWE Superstars because as far as they’re concerned, he is God.

Triple H tells John Cena that everything is on the line and the game has changed. Triple H asks who has got the guts to steps in and side with Team Cena, knowing that it is career suicide. Triple H asks who will side with The Authority, who even though they might lose a battle, at the end of the day, The Authority always wins.

Triple H starts to mock Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler being on Team Cena. After laughing about Jack Swagger, Triple H mocks the WWE Universe for cheering Dolph Ziggler, then makes fun of Ziggler’s size. Triple H says he can almost guarantee Ziggler won’t even make it to Survivor Series. John Cena cuts Triple H off, reminding him he said the same thing about Daniel Bryan, and Bryan beat him at Wrestlemania. especially Dolph Ziggler’s size. John Cena turns it around, saying Triple H got his ass beat by Daniel Bryan, which gets a loud “YES” chant from the UK Universe.

After a loud “YES” Chant, Triple H calls Daniel Bryan “Captain B+” and reminds the fans that he’s injured and sitting a home doing nothing.

Triple H_Cena_Bryan_3MB

Triple H announces that Dolph Ziggler has to face Mark Henry tonight.

Stephanie McMahon tells John Cena that he’s one of the most inspirational/motivational speakers her’s ever heard, but right now, he’s speaking propaganda. Stephanie McMahon tells John Cena that joining Team Authority is Best For Business. Stephanie tells Ryback that if he joined Team Authority, he would have more Main Event TV Matches. Stephanie reminds John Cena and Ryback that The Authority makes and breaks careers, and that at Survivor Series, they’re putting together putting together the biggest, baddest Survivor Series Team in history. Stephanie turns her attention back to Ryback, hyping his strength and saying he has the potential to be the biggest, baddest monster that WWE has ever seen.

Triple H adds on, saying that Ryback can have more Championships, Opportunities, Fame, Money, Glory, and more of anything he wants.

John Cena calls The Authority wankers and says they should be out of a job. Cena says his team will win at Survivor Series, but if he gets his ass kicked, at least he gets his ass kicked like a man, and not like some Sellout Stooge, Sellout Shield, Sellout Kane or Sellout Sexual Chocolate.

John Cena tells Ryback that he won’t beg him to join Team Cena, but reminds Ryback, that if he joins Team Authority, they will end him over one istake. Cena tells Ryback that if he’s as good as he says he is, join Team Cena and let the WWE Universe decide his fate.

After a loud “Feed Me More” chant, Ryback says he’s not afraid of The Authority. Ryback turns to John Cena and says he doesn’t see John Cena’s name on the bottom of his paycheck.

Ryback takes John Cena out with a spinebuster.

Stephanie McMahon chants “YES!” then mocks John Cena’s “You Can’t See Me” taunt.

Match 01: Seth Rollins vs. Jack Swagger

The Authority distracts Jack Swagger. Swagger gets knocked into the ringpost, then Curb Stomped.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Post-Match, WWE Trainers check on Jack Swagger. Seth Rollins Curbstomps Jack Swagger again.

Seth Rollins taunts Zeb Colter, warning him that he will suffer the same fate as Jack Swagger if he g ets involved.

Backstage: Dean Ambrose says he’s made more a lot enemies then friends in his career and that he has a rap sheet a mile long. Ambrose says he’s done a lot of dirty, despicable things, and he’s not apologizing for it, because he’s not trying to be anyone’s hero. Ambrose says Bray Wyatt knows nothing about demons, and that every time he steps in the ring, he’s fighting demons and ghosts a lot scarier than Bray Wyatt.

Dean Ambrose says The Authority didn’t put him out of his misery, and Bray Wyatt sure as hell won’t put him out of his misery, nor will he give Bray Wyatt the satisfaction of doing so. Ambrose says when he goes down, he’s gonna go down hard, in a blaze of his own self-destruction. Ambrose says if Bray Wyatt wants to go down with him, he hopes there’s a special place in hell for both of them.

Backstage: Kane walks up to Ryback, letting him know that The Authority is happy to have him on the team. Kane says tonight is the first step in proving his worth to The Authority. Ryback says he’s got it. Kane tries to tell Ryback that he’ll be out there tonight against The Authority, Ryback says he’s got it. Kane gets upset and tells Ryback to follow his lead. Ryback says if he wants Kane’s advice, he’ll ask for it. Ryback warns Kane to stay out of his way.

Match 02: Alicia Fox vs. Paige

Alicia Fox does her surfboard-faceslam to Paige.

aliciafoxsurfboard aliciafoxsurfboard02 aliciafoxsurfboard03(Different show, same move. Courtesy of hiitsmekevin)

Paige catches Alicia Fox with a Superkick.

Paige drops Alicia Fox with the Cradle DDT.

Winner: Paige

Backstage: Stephanie McMahon congratulates Lana and Rusev on their victory, then reminds her that The Authority set up the match where Rusev won the title and the victory party happening next. Stephanie asks Lana if Rusev is on Team Authority. Lana tries to back out of it for political reasons, but Stephanie McMahon claims there are no such thing as politics in WWE.

Lana tells Stephanie McMahon she will consider it. Stephanie calls Lana a stuck up, Russian twit, then says she’ll scratch Lana’s back if Lana scratches hers.

Xavier Woods – A New Day:

Backstage: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon complain about Mr. McMahon adding that stipulation to Team Cena vs. Team Authority, talking about the different things they’ve both said. Triple H wonders if Mr. McMahon is trying to divide The Authority. Stephanie McMahon tries to play it off, and Triple H says The Authority will win, while Cena doesn’t stand a chance.

Stephanie McMahon brings up What If The Authority loses. Triple H tells her not to go there, and says as long as they’ve got each other, everything is going to be just fine. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon kiss.

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