Snapshots: Everybody’s Got a Price

In Snapshots, Three Man Booth searches for images to share.

Do you know how much the WWE Network costs? Well, if you haven’t been watching RAW or our RAW Recaps or going anywhere near wrestling related news, Triple H has a reminder for you:

tripleh999Courtesy of WrasslorMonkey

There’s also an incredibly annoying catchy anthem that the WWE created.

But what does $9.99 really mean for a wrestling fan? Well, there are options.

For 9.99, you can get a WWE T-Shirt! Not from ($9.99 won’t even cover the shipping); but Party City has a WWE T-shirt for sale! It’s just one shirt but it’s a shirt for all occasions: The WWE Logo! Well, the WWE’s old scratch logo.

3MB_PartyCity_WWET-ShirtParty City says that the shirt, “looks good enough to do the Anaconda Vice hold in!” Certainly, that’s a timeless reference, right? Oh…

999_3MBSo, you have a choice: either a month of content on the WWE Network, which includes hours of content either from the archives or new content each week, or… a t-shirt(available in Large or Extra-Large only). But you don’t have to make that decision until December; the network is free for the month of November.

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