So That Happened: #RAW Recap (06/16/14)

Match 06: Money In the Bank Qualifying Battle Royal:

Roman Reigns comes out the traditional Shield way.

Damien Sandow is ganged up on. Damien Sandow has been eliminated.

Santino Marella has been eliminated.

Los Matadores have been eliminated.

Xavier Woods has been eliminated.

Titus O’Neil has been eliminated.

Sin Cara has been eliminated.


Courtesy of prowrestlingnow

Jack Swagger has been eliminated.

Kofi Kingston has been eliminated.

Dolph Ziggler has been eliminated by Rybaxel.

Roman Reigns hits a double Spear on Rybaxel.


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Followed by a Superman Punch on Fandango.

fandangopunchCourtesy of hiitsmekevin

Fandango has been eliminated.

Ryback tries to clothesline Roman Reigns but gets knocked over the top rope. Ryback has been eliminated, Curtis Axel has also been eliminated.

Rob Van Dam goes for a monkey flip on Bad News Barrett, but Bo Dallas knocks him over the top rope.

Rob Van Dam has been eliminated.

Bo Dallas and Bad News Barrett form an alliance.


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Which is short-lived.

bullhammerCourtesy of somejamoke

Roman Reigns knocks Bad News Barrett over the top rope. Bad News Barrett has been eliminated.

Big E. has been eliminated by Rusev, but Roman Reigns hits Bo Dallas with a spear.


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Bo Dallas has been eliminated.

Roman Reigns and Rusev are the final two.

Roman Reigns hits the Superman Punch on Rusev!


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Winner: Roman Reigns


Backstage: Renee Young asks John Cena for his reaction on Roman Reigns winning the Battle Royal and his Stretcher Match tonight against The Demon Kane. Cena hypes Reigns winning a match he wasn’t even supposed to be in, saying the WWE Universe just saw the impossible and he digs that. Cena says anything can happen at Monday Night RAW, like The Authority needing his help. Cena says he would be glad to lend a helping hand, then shows Renee his hand. Cena tells Renee to look at his hand because there is a hidden message inside that hand.

John Cena starts to decode the hidden message. Cena pushes one finger down, saying he’s going to help Stephanie McMahon get more coffee because he hasn’t seen Vickie Guerrero look that good in years. Cena puts another finger down, then says he’s help Cleveland by having Triple H eat a steaming sandwich of his own crap, when he helps Kane out of the arena on a stretcher. Cena teases the middle finger, but drops the middle finger instead. Cena says he’s going to help himself into the Money In The Bank Ladder Match because that’s what’s Best for Business.

Match 07: Cam’ron vs. Paige

Paige attacks Cam’ron


Winner: Paige

Backstage: Byron Saxton asks Goldust about his partner this week, that Cody Rhodes claimed would match his star power and magnify his magnificence. Goldust tells Saxton that he has met his partner and that his partner is Super Galactic. Goldust says it’s going to be hot, then walks off.

Match 08: Rybaxel vs. Goldust and…



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Star Dust hits the Diamond Dust on Curtis Axel.

Winners: Goldust and Star Dust

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