So That Happened: #RAW Recap (06/16/14)


RAW begins with The Authority addressing the WWE Locker Room.

After welcoming the WWE Superstars to RAW, Stephanie McMahon says they gathered the Superstars out here for a meeting to address the concerns the roster has about not having a WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H adds on that these Superstars lay it all on the line to prove they are the best, and they do that to receive the honor of WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Stephanie McMahon says that when you are WWE Champion, you are immortalized like her husband, Triple H. Stephanie thinks the WWE is only as a strong as it’s champion and that it’s disappointing that the WWE Superstars were represented by a B+ Player like Daniel Bryan.

After a loud “YES!” chant, Triple H says that the most disappointing thing about Daniel Bryan is that he has no heart and and that his selfishness brought about his refusal to defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and give the WWE Superstars the opportunity they deserve. Triple H says the WWE Superstars and WWE Universe deserve better than that.

Triple H says one of the WWE Superstars standing on stage right now could be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Stephanie agrees since The Authority is all about opportunity. Stephanie announces there will be a battle royal tonight to determine the next participant in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match at Money In The Bank. The winner of the Battle Royal will join Cesaro, Randy Orton Alberto Del Rio, #ScumbagSheamus and Bray Wyatt. Triple H follows up by saying, due to their failure to adapt, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and John Cena will not be allowed to participate in the Money In The Bank Battle Royal.

cenashockedCourtesy of prowrestlingnow

Triple H tells John Cena that he will still get a chance to be in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match. Triple H reminds Cena about his love of helping people like Daniel Bryan and The Shield, then says tonight Cena will help The Authority. Triple H says since Daniel Bryan is on the shelf, Cena will take Bryan’s place in a Stretcher Match, tonight against the Demon Kane.

Match 01: Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins


Courtesy of prowrestlingnow

Dolph Ziggler counters the Curb Stomp with a DDT.


Courtesy of prowrestlingnow


Dolph Ziggler almost gets caught with a power bomb, but counters with a sunset flip.

Dolph Ziggler hits the Fame Asser on Seth Rollins.


Courtesy of prowrestlingnow

Seth Rollins catches Dolph Ziggler with not one-but two corner powerbombs, then a Curb Stomp.


Courtesy of prowrestlingnow

Dean Ambrose runs in and attacks Seth Rollins.


Courtesy of prowrestlingnow

Winner: Seth Rollins (via DQ)

Post-Match, Seth Rollins Dean Ambrose tells Seth Rollins that this won’t be over until he can get his hands on Rollins’ smug, corporate, extremely punchable face. Ambrose says he knows Rollins doesn’t do anything without Triple H’s permission, but he should come down here and fight Ambrose like a man. Before Rollins can accept, Triple H appears on the titantron and tells Ambrose to calm down, then mocks the way Ambrose gets all worked up.

Triple H tells Dean Ambrose that it’s great he wants to fight Seth Rollins and the good news is, Ambrose to fight. Triple H imitates Bad News Barrett’s catchphrase, then puts Ambrose in a match with Bad News Barrett.


Match 02: Dean Ambrose vs. Bad News Barrett.

Dean Ambrose gets knocked off the apron and hurts his shoulder.

Dean Ambrose catches Bad News Barrett with the catapult clothesline.

ambroseclotheslineCourtesy of hiitsmekevin

Seth Rollins reappears, then distracts Dean Ambrose on the announce table.

Dean Ambrose attacks Seth Rollins, accidentally getting himself counted out.

Winner: Bad News Barrett (Via Countout)

Post-Match, Dean Ambrose attacks Bad News Barrett, then hits him with the Dirty Deeds.

Dean Ambrose’s New Music Plays.

Backstage: Vickie Guerrero is walking with two coffees, when she is stopped by Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns asks Vickie Guerrero to tell The Authority to put him in the Battle Royal tonight. Vickie tells Reigns that the Authority doesn’t want him in, but Reigns says who cares. Reigns tells Vickie that if it were up to The Authority, Vickie would be running coffee for the rest of her life, which is no way to treat a beautiful woman or a Guerrero. Reigns tells Vickie that she needs to stand for that, unless she wants to kiss butt for the rest of her life. Reigns tells her if that’s her plan, she needs to do it the right way and put sweetener in the coffee.

As Vickie runs off to get sweetener, Roman Reigns puts something in the coffee.

When Vickie comes back, Reigns asks her when is she going to tell The Authority to take this job and shove it. Vickie Guerrero sneezes on the coffee then walks off.

Backstage: The Wyatt Family announces they’re next.

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