Boo This Diva: Cameron

 In Boo This Man Diva, ThreeManBooth will call out someone or something that really gripes us.

The most interesting thing about Total Divas, beside the KeepItFiveStar Total Divas Recap, has been the view of the WWE from the perspective of the WWE Divas. The second season finale showed us Wrestlemania 30 from that viewpoint, where their concern was whether or not history would repeat itself – The Bellas and Funkadactyls were cut from Wrestlemania 29 at the last minute – or they would be able to have the 14 Divas match for the Divas championship. The hurried anxiety they had for their match is in direct contrast to the moment that preceded them: when Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker, ending the streak, time stood still. This is Reality TV meeting Wrestling. And Total Divas shows us that some Divas excel in front of cameras in the ring and some Divas excel in front of cameras outside the ring. Cameron is a Diva in that second category. She is a reality show natural, displaying an array of classic Reality TV signature moves:

  • She has a tiny dog.
  • She makes catchphrases: “The bomb[dot]com,” “Chingle Chingle,” and “Girl Bye.”
  • She turns her catchphrases like “Girl Bye” into t-shirts and songs
  • She freely talks about the intimate details of her relationship, her friends’ relationships or… anything, really
  • She’s 99% gif-able
3MB_EOnline_Cameron_Ariane-EEEEECourtesy of E!

But we already knew this, didn’t we. Her first appearance in front of the WWE Universe was on the Stone Cold Steve Austin hosted Tough Enough. Even though she was the first eliminated contestant, she had the most memorable soundbyte from the entire show:

To her credit, Cameron is the only contestant on Tough Enough to still be in the WWE and her reality show skills are very likely the reason why. But with Total Divas on hiatus until Season 3 and Tough Enough not coming back… ever, why are we booing Cameron? Because she made the mistake of trying to do “reality” in a wrestling ring!

After WWE Payback, the WWE had a press conference. And when they interviewed Paige,  after her successful title defense against Alicia Fox, Cameron pulled a Reality TV show move: she interrupted the Divas champion, demanding a title match:

Technically, Cameron is right: she has done more than Paige: she’s the star of two reality shows! She’s a veteran! In the ring, however, Paige’s record speaks for itself: she’s the first ever NXT Divas Champion and she won the Divas Championship on her RAW debut. So, wrestling-wise, Cameron is entirely in the wrong. And, they used to be friends!

You don’t blindside friends! (Unless you’re Shawn Michaels, but we already booed him.)

Still, Cameron and Paige had a match on WWE Superstars. Again, Cameron goes into the Reality TV bag of tricks: she gives Paige that classic open handed slap. What she wasn’t expecting, though, was Paige’s Wrestling slap as an immediate response.

3MB_BooThisMan_CameronPaige001 3MB_BooThisMan_CameronPaige002




                 Courtesy of rampaigers

This is where keeping it reality started to go wrong for Cameron. The Total Divas star found herself at the Mercy of the youngest Divas champion in the WWE. She tried reaching into her bag of Reality TV tricks again, pulling out faux-sincerity to get the upper hand for a moment. Paige prevailed, locking in her Scorpion Crosslock submission.





                 Courtesy of rampaigers

You would hope that Cameron learned her lesson after this match. That she learned that there is a difference between your behavior in the wrestling ring and your behavior in front of the reality cameras. But, in classic Reality TV fashion, Cameron learned nothing. She showed up on RAW, via the WWE APP, and slapped Paige again!

3MB_CameronPaigeSlapWhy won’t you learn, Cameron?


300 - autoplay_gif fan gif thumbs_down wweCourtesy of whatistheexceel
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