Highlight Reel: Father’s Day

In Highlight Reel, 3MBooth shares funny wrestling videos.

We at Three Man Booth know how important it is for parents to be interested in the things their kids are interested in. Both Judy Bagwell and Mama Benjamin were influential in giving thier sons – Buff Bagwell and Shelton Benjamin, respectively – boosts in the ring when they hit a slump. Zack Ryder would not have reached the level of WWE Superstar if not for the support of Mr. Ryder, the unintentional star of Z! True Long Island Story. And we wouldn’t be the wrestling fans we are if our parents didn’t take us to wrestling shows or pick up any wrestling magazine, action figure or memorabilia they could find.

Wrestlers, or some of them, are parents too. And, as parents, they know to support their kids by enthusiastically supporting the their kids are into also. The WWE has teamed up with Fatherhood.gov to make a series of videos about the importance of spending time with your kids. Alberto Del Rio tests a few voices just to find the right one for his son’s bedtime story. Titus O’Neil does teaches his sons how to make it a win by setting up a special night for a game of Go Fish. And then there’s Roman Reigns: the muscle of The Shield shows off his softer side when he has a tea party with his daughter.

It’s important to be both strong and sensitive. If anybody embodies that, it’s Reigns. Not only has he found a way to make the women of the WWE Universe swoon (again!) but he’s also reminding us what fathers need to be: a strong force in their kids’ lives. For behind the scenes footage, check out this video the WWE put together. Then, relax and enjoy


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