Nation Of Animation: The Emmalution

In Nation Of Animation, 3MBooth will spotlight wrestlers using animated gifs

Over the past few weeks, Emma has been making her presence known in the WWE by showing up in the crowd with her own signs.

emmatainingCourtesy of wrestling-giffer

Last week on RAW, Emma was picked out of the crowd by Santino Marella, and competed in a dance-off against Summer Rae. 


Courtesy of wrestling-giffer

Although Emma won, it may take a little more than great dance moves to win over the WWE Universe.

7cb50-emmadance05Courtesy of wwegifs

So, if you’re not sure what the Emmalution is all about, here are some reasons we find Emma so “Emmataining.”

Let’s start with the obvious:

The Emma Dance

emmadance04Courtesy of sensationalsherri

Emma’s Love/Hate Relationship with Bubbles


Courtesy of sensationalsherri

The fact that Emma is very resourceful

emmasummersign emmasummersign02Courtesy of summerslays

Oh! Did we forget to mention that Emma is friends with Spider-Man?

emmaspidermanCourtesy of downambrosealley

AND Paige?

emmapaige03Courtesy of weheaartwwefan4ever/PaigeFan

Okay. Maybe not Paige…

emmapaigeCourtesy of FandangoRae

Also, no matter how hard things may seem for Emma…


Courtesy of sensationalsherri

She never gives up!


Courtesy of sensationalsherri

And for you wrestling purists…


Courtesy of sensationalsherri

Emma is a solid wrestler


Courtesy of sensationalsherri

A VERY solid wrestler

paigeemmaCourtesy of primocolon

So, grab a card and join the Emmalution


Or else, she’ll attack you with bubbles

emmareneebubblesCourtesy of ohnokassius

Now, hit the music!

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