Highlight Reel: The Emma we never got to see

Tonight, Emmalina (AKA Emma) will make her much anticipated return to RAW.

And we can’t wait!

We first joined the Emmalution with Emma when she was a dancing in NXT.

It failed.

Then, Emma took a darker route (literally), and focused on being an Enforcer to the Women’s Division. AKA Evil Emma.

Unfortunately, Evil Emma got injured and we never got to see the true potential of Enforcer Emma.

Until WWE released an episode of Renee Young’s WWE Unfiltered.

On an episode with Jon Stewart and Chris Jericho, Jericho is reluctant to be on the show. How does Renee get Jericho on the show? By calling in the Enforcer Emma!

Footage courtesy of WWE

Enforcer Emma was the hero we needed, and sadly will never get. But we supported Dancing Emma and Evil Emma, so of course we’ll be supporting Emmalina. Good luck, Emma!

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