So That Happened: #RAW Recap (02/11/14)


RAW starts off with a tribute to the late Frank Bullock.

Justin Roberts introduces Betty White, who comes out with Big Show.

A Betty White chant breaks out.

Betty White says she’s happy to be here. Big Show asks her what does she want to do tonight. Betty White tells Big Show that she wants to kick some ass.

The Authority comes out. Stephanie McMahon hugs Betty White, while Big Show glares at Triple H.

Triple H says he wants to clear up some confusion from last week. Triple H reminds everyone that last week they said that if Daniel Bryan beat Randy Orton, that the Authority would reconsider him to be Face Of The Company. Triple H says the keyword is reconsider.

Triple H mentions that they’re also considering Antonio Cesaro, #ScumbagSheamus, Christian and John Cena. Triple H is cut off by Randy Orton’s music.

Stephanie McMahon scolds Randy Orton for interrupting them again, especially when they’re talking about the new face of the WWE. Stephanie tells Orton that he needs to go to the back and prepare for his match against John Cena. Orton tells Stephanie McMahon that he’s out here to apologize to The Authority for being chlildish and foolish. Orton says that he needs to give The Authority what they want, and what he wants, and that’s to bring the Viper for the remainder of his Championship Reign.

Stephanie McMahon asks Randy Orton where this change of character is coming from and Orton responds that it’s coming from the heart.

Stephanie McMahon asks Randy Orton if he is feeling the pressure from the WWE Universe chanting Daniel Bryan. Orton says it’s not about that, it’s about 6 months ago, at the Staples Center, where Randy Orton stood united with The Authority as Face Of The WWE. Orton tells Stephanie that he wants to make good on that promise and be the Face of the WWE in and out of the ring. Orton wants to do all the media appearances and be on the cereal boxes. Orton calls himself the heart and soul of the WWE, and better than any of the other Superstars, especially Batista.

Randy Orton is cut off by Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan calls Randy Out on calling himself the “heart and soul” of the WWE, then jokes that Randy Orton is a different body part entirely.

Stephanie McMahon says she’s tired of Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton interrupting the Authority. Stephanie says from now on, Superstars need to make an appointment with the Director Of Operations, Kane.

Daniel Bryan tells Stephanie McMahon that Kane is nowhere to be found, except for when he’s doing The Authority’s bidding, like when he came out during his match against Randy Orton last week. Bryan says Kane failed and Orton still defeated Randy Orton. Bryan tells Stephanie McMahon that he wants a match with Kane tonight, but Stephanie reminds Bryan that he attacked Kane first. Stephanie says that The Authority doesn’t condone Kane’s actions , so he’s on leave for one week, and he has an extremely strong letter of reprimand in his performance approval file.

Daniel Bryan mocks Stephanie McMahon’s punishment of Kane, then asks who is doing The Authority’s Performance Approval File. Bryan tells Stephanie that whoever is doing it needs to see that The Authority is a combination of ignorance (Stephanie) and stupidity (Triple H)

Randy Orton demands that Daniel Bryan show The Authority respect and not only should Bryan be honored to be in the same ring with them, he should kiss the ground that they walk on.

Daniel Bryan claims that Randy Orton REALLY likes Stephanie McMahon, then reminds Orton of handcuffing Triple H to the ropes while Orton kissed Stephanie.


Randy Orton asks to punt Daniel Bryan’s head off, but Triple H says that won’t be necessary. Triple H decides to do what’s “Best For Business” and put Daniel Bryan in a match with no one. Triple H gives Bryan the night off. The WWE Universe boos.

Daniel Bryan starts chanting “NO!” with the WWE Universe.

Match 01: Rey Mysterio and The Brotherhood vs. The Wyatt Family

The Wyatt Family cuts off The Brotherhood’s Entrance.

Goldust hits a hurricanrana

Rey Mysterio dives on Luke Harper.

Cody Rhodes does a springboard dive onto The Wyatt Family

Rey Mysterio goes for the 619, but gets caught with Sister Abigail.

brayreyCourtesy of wrasslormonkey

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Bray Wyatt tells The Shield that people have played games with him before, but they’re no different. Wyatt tells The Shield that they will fall right in time for his next game to begin. Wyatt ends it with “Follow The Buzzards.”

Backstage: Renee Young asks The Shield if they have a response to The Wyatt Family’s harsh words recently. Roman Reigns tells Renee, AKA Babygirl, that actions always speak louder than words. Seth Rollins tells Renee Young that The Wyatts love to speak in riddles, while The Shield speaks in absolutes. Dean Ambrose chimes in by saying that they will absolutely destroy The Wyatt Family at Elimination Chamber.

Renee Young brings up to Dean Ambrose the fact that he hasn’t defended his United States Championship in quite some time. Ambrose responds by asking if he’s supposed to pull United States Championship Contenders out of thin air. Ambrose starts to talk about the paperwork process, but Reigns laughs and asks what Ambrose is talking about. Reigns asks Ambrose what kind of champion does he want to be. Ambrose resents Reigns’ then claims that there is no one who has the guts to step up and face him. Ambrose issues an open challenge to anyone that wants to face him tonight for the U.S. Title.

Backstage: Betty White is talking with the Total Divas until Vickie Guerrero welcomes her to RAW, from one cougar to another. The Total Divas start talking about “Betty White’s” Off Their Rockers” until the New Age Outlaws interrupt. The Outlaws tell Betty White that the younger generation might play a trick on her tonight, but they’re here to protect her. The Outlaws offer Betty White some tea, which Betty accepts, then they walk off to get tea.

Match 02: Santino Marella vs. Fandango

Santino Marella powerwalks with Emma.

The Miz comes out and complains that he, one of the few people who has an actual role in Hollywood, is not on the show tonight, but “Twinkle Toes” Fandango and Santino, who’s act is older than Betty White, are on the show. Miz sarcastically calls this “Awesome” then walks off.


Winner: Fandango

Backstage: Byron Saxton asks #ScumbagSheamus about teaming with his Elimination Chamber opponent, Christian tonight. #ScumbagSheamus talks about the history between he and Christian, and says that he’s always respected Christian as a competitor. #ScumbagSheamus talks about having a pint with Christian after the match, then cuts off his own bad joke. #ScumbagSheamus says that the Elimination Chamber is no joke, since it is the last opportunity to headline Wrestlemania 30. #ScumbagSheamus vows to create a legacy in the Chamber and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Backstage: Christian says there’s been a lot of talk about being the Face Of The WWE, but now that he’s back, maybe his could be the face of the WWE. Christian jokes that he’s not poster boy material, despite what his Mom thinks, but what he is, is a former 2 Time World Heavyweight Champion. Christian vows to become a 3 time Champion at Elimination Chamber.

Match 03: #ScumbagSheamus and Christian vs. The Real Americans

Zeb Colter calls #ScumbagSheamus and Christian out for disappearing for months in their countries, then “sneaking back” into the WWE. Colter claims that #ScumbagSheamus and Christian were rewarded for their criminal behavior by giving a chance to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Elimination Chamber. Antonio Cesaro says that it doesn’t matter, because at Elimination Chamber, he will become the first Real American WWE Champion.

“We The People” chants break out.

Antonio Cesaro and #ScumbagSheamus brawl. The WWE Universe seems more in favor of Cesaro.

Christian gets tagged in.

Antonio Cesaro hits Christian with a European Uppercut.

Antonio Cesaro hits the Giant Swing on Christian

#ScumbagSheamus gets the hot tag.

Christian dives onto Antonio Cesaro.

#ScumbagSheamus takes Jack Swagger’s head off with a Brogue Kick.

Winners: #ScumbagSheamus and Christian

Backstage: Renee Young asks John Cena for his thoughts on his match against long standing rival, Randy Orton. Cena tells Renee that for a decade, the WWE has been dominated by John Cena and Randy Orton. Cena says that as of late, you can listen to the WWE Universe and feel that the WWE is in the midst of a great change. Cena says in two weeks, WWE will change everything when they launch the Network, but also mentions that the WWE Universe has been showing love to the new Superstars like Daniel Bryan and others.

John Cena tells Renee Young that his match with Randy Orton is the most important in this timeline since it is about Cena/Orton’s future. Cena says tonight he closes his rivarly with Randy Orton after he beats him in the middle of the ring.

John Cena calls out The Wyatts, The Shield, Antonio Cesaro and Daniel Bryan. Cena tells them that if any of them think they have what it takes to carry the future of the WWE, they will have to go through him first.

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