Snapshots: Punk No More

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The wrestling world is still swirling with speculation over CM Punk. Last week, he seemingly “quit” the WWE and went home (“Quit” is in quotes because it has not yet been confirmed). True or not, wrestling fans have been coping with the news in various ways: some people made signs (which were confiscated), all of Omaha Nebraska chanted his name for 3 Hours, Norberto made a Buzzfeed post, and we made a gif set to express our emotions. So what can you do? Well, you can put on your commemorative “CM Punk is gone” t-shirt from NXTees:

3MB_NXT-Shirt_TookMyCMPunkand channel your frustrations into another outlet.

CMYK Punk took to art and made an homage to another classic moment. She compared Punk’s departure from wrestling to Spider-man’s departure from superhero-ing in Amazing Spider-Man #50. Another Tumblr user, NY-Gambit, put together the side by side comparison.

Image on the Left Courtesy of Marvel; Image on the Right Courtesy of CMYK Punk

Image on the Left Courtesy of Marvel; Image on the Right Courtesy of CMYK Punk

Spider-Man is no stranger to wrestling. A former wrestler himself, Spider-Man has also been a source of inspiration for high fliers like Kofi Kingston (Yay!), Rey Mysterio (Boo!), and Rising Phoenix, who have designed ring gear resembling the web head’s. And hopefully, like Spider-Man, CM Punk will not stay “retired” for long. There’s still clobberin’ to be done.

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