Highlight Reel: A Man Called Robocop

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To make it in wrestling, it helps to have an ally, someone to watch your back. Take Shawn Michaels for example; he probably couldn’t have made it to Mr. Wrestlemania status without a little help. When Shawn broke into the WWF, he had Marty Jannetty watching his back … until Shawn Superkicked him. Then Diesel watched his back … until Shawn Superkicked him too. Then Sid … until Superkick. Then Triple H … until … Superkick. Okay, you know what? Bad example.

hbknervousCourtesy of hollywoodrock

But this isn’t about HBK, it’s about Sting. When the WCW icon was facing off against the Four Horsemen, he needed to recruit someone who he could rely on. Someone who serves the public trust, protects the innocent and upholds the law. No, not the Big Boss Man. For WCW’s Capital Combat 1990, Sting recruited RoboCop to watch his back.

It came in handy too. During the PPV, the Horsemen attacked Sting and trapped him in a cage, conveniently located at ringside (it was the 90’s). That deterrent proved to be no problem for RoboCop; he ripped the door off its hinges, scaring the Horsemen away.

There’s a new RoboCop movie coming out this week. It’s a remake of the original and a redesign of the armor the original wore. Hopefully, the prime directives are the same. But so should the union between buddies Robo and The Stinger. Wrestlers remake themselves from time to time (Remember when Sting had blond hair?!?). How great would it be to see the Icon make an appearance on screen, returning the favor from back in the day.

StingRobocop_3MBThen & Now Background courtesy of HomeFries
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