3 Count: YES! Be Friends Again

In 3 Count, Three Man Booth will Discuss Wrestling & Wrestling Related Music:
The Good, The Bad & The Cheesy

Rap and Wrestling has come a long way since WWF Aggression. While the Oscar winning Three 6 Mafia did pen Mark Henry’s enthusiastically violent “Some Bodies Gonna Get it,” most wrestling fans have a sour spot for the hip hop genre. It’s a question of quantity more than quality: R-Truth has been asking wrestling fans “What’s Up?” since 2007 (except for that brief time he demanded we “Get Crunk“). Even 4 Non Blondes gave up after a while, Ron!

Today emerged the brightest spot in Rap and Wrestling’s future since “Moo Kitty Kitty:” Adam WarRock released “YES! YES! YES!” as a tribute to Daniel Bryan and as a Birthday present to friend of the Booth, Chris Haley!

It’s not really a surprise that WarRock put together such an excellent tribute to Daniel Bryan (really, Chris Haley): his last venture into the world of wrestling produced “Super Pro K.O,” a song inspired by Jarrett Williamswrestling comic of the same name. Adam hulks up on YES! YES! YES! through, dropping enough wrestling references to challenge Adam Lefkoe’s Wrestlecast. He captures the reason why we all love Daniel Bryan so much. Daniel Bryan believing in himself – despite what he’s told repeatedly – makes you believe in yourself. Adam WarRock says that wrestling taught him how to be a “real American,” a reference to Hulk Hogan’s creedo during the 80s. Well the American Dragon is giving us an anthem for today:

If you believe in yourself, say yes

If you’re refusing to die, say yes

If you believe you’re the best, say yes

Now say it 3 times

For this song, we owe not only Adam Warrock but Chris “The Enthusiast” Haley who is friends with WarRock. They geek out over life and stuff on their podcast. They collaborate on songs about the X-Men and Cosplay. Haley’s love of wrestling re-lit Adam’s fandom for the sport (entertainment). While we talked to Chris about Adam doing a song about wrestling a few weeks ago,

it’s Chris’ friendship with Adam that made it happen. And we all benefit from it.

Wrestling needs Daniel Bryan; Rap and Wrestling needs Adam WarRock.

You can download “YES! YES! YES!” at Adam WarRock’s website. It’s free, along with a lot of other amazing music. Leave him congratulation comments there and on Twitter. And don’t forget to wish Chris Haley Happy Birthday via his webcomic Let’s Be Friends Again, his Twitter or picking up some of his Art.

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