So That Happened: Total Divas Mid-Season Finale (09/15/13)

Tyson Kidd and Natalya are planning out their wedding. Natalya wants to put a bow around their cat Gismo for the wedding and shows an example. Afterwards, Natalya puts Gismo in the full nelson.

Natalya’s Parents show up to her house.

Natalya’s Mom gives her a wedding dress that she sewed together. Natalya tries it on and hates it. The dress is hideous.

Natalya tries to talk her way out of wearing her Mom’s wedding dress. Especially since she already bought one.

The Total Divas are at the opening of the WWE Performance Center. Jane tells Nikki Bella that she’s injured and they might bring some new girls up. Nikki Bella hopes it’s not Eva Marie. Jane goes over to Eva Marie and JoJo and tells them to get ready. This Monday on RAW, Eva Marie or JoJo might be able to get the opportunity to be a valet.

Nikki Bella is on the phone with Brie Bella at John Cena’s house. John Cena walks up and tells Nikki that he has a problem and needs to talk to her. The is the Cena Family is having a Family Reunion and John wants Nikki to go. The problem is it’s the same day as Natalya’s wedding.

John Cena says he’s going to the reunion and he thinks Natalya, coming from a big family, will understand if Nikki goes to the reunion instead of a wedding.

Nikki Bella, still on crutches, trips on the way to the arena.

Courtesy of E!

Eva Marie tells the Funkadactyls that she’s nervous about the valet situation. Suddenly, Marc walks up.

JoJo walks up with Natalya. Marc reveals that tonight, it will be Naomi (with Cameron) vs. Natalya (with Eva Marie.) JoJo is not happy.

Eva Marie thinks she has to downplay her excitement because of JoJo’s feelings. The Funkadactyls try and cheer JoJo up by saying her opportunity will come, and because she’s 19, she’ll be around long after the other Divas are gone.

Nikki Bella talks to Natalya outside. Nikki reveals to Natalya that John Cena wants Nikki to meet his entire family. Natalya is ecstatic.

Nikki reveals to Natalya that the reunion is the same date as Natalya’s wedding and that she will unfortunately have to miss the wedding.

Natalya is hurt, but tells Nikki that it’s not her fault. Natalya appreciates Nikki telling her woman to woman, even if it was days before the wedding.

Eva Marie offers JoJo some strawberries, but JoJo ignores her. Eva Marie asks JoJo what’s wrong and JoJo says it’s nothing.

Eva Marie calls JoJo out on not being happy for her. JoJo claims that’s not true. JoJo claims that she still supports Eva Marie, but she has personal things going on at the moment. Eva Marie thinks JoJo is being selfish and bratty.

Natalya vents to Brie Bella about being stressed out over the wedding and Nikki Bella not being there. Brie Bella says she feels so bad for Natalya, but tells her that her wedding is the biggest day of her life and she’s allowed to be selfish. Natalya calms down and thanks Brie for helping her out.

Eva Marie and Natalya pray to have a safe match and to not have a Wardrobe Malfunction.

The Bella Twins and JoJo watch Natalya (with Eva Marie)’s match against Naomi. After the match, The Bella Twins congratulate Naomi, Natalya and Eva Marie. JoJo is clearly jealous.

Naomi is on the phone with Jimmy Uso until she gets a phone call from Cam’ron, who sounds like she’s in serious pain. Naomi thinks she’s being overdramatic, but goes to check on her anyway.

Naomi goes to Cam’ron’s room and sees that she’s crying and in pain complaining about her stomach. Naomi calls the ambulance and requests that the cameras be turned off.

The Doctors come in and check on Cam’ron, who is actually sick. The Doctors agree to take her to the hospital.

6 Hours Later, Cam’ron is okay. Cam’ron thanks Naomi for being there for her. Long story short, Cam’ron has some difficult lady problems that her gynecologist needs to check out. Naomi wants her to find out what’s up ASAP.

Jimmy Uso calls to check in on them. Naomi tells Jimmy Uso that Cam’ron’s okay and needs to get checked out by her doctors. Jimmy Uso thinks Cam’ron could be pregnant, but Naomi quickly shuts that down.

JoJo is watching a match at the WWE Performance Center, when Eva Marie interrupts her to talk.

Eva Marie asks JoJo about her being distant and not being happy. JoJo says she’s over everything. Eva Marie thinks JoJo is competing against her. JoJo tells Eva Marie that this has always been a competition and that while she’s happy for her, she’s not happy that she’s not getting a push. Eva Marie tells Jojo that she was supposed to be on her team, but Jojo disagrees.

Eva Marie thinks that she and Jojo living together and training together is not working out. Jojo agrees then storms off upset.

Natalya and Tyson Kidd are getting ready for their wedding and trying to make sure their cat Gizmo looks good.

Natalya finds out that Jaret is coming and tells all the WWE Divas. Natalya wants to make sure this night goes smoothly. Brie Bella and Naomi guarantee that if Jaret tries to speak up and ruin the wedding, they will dropkick him.

Everyone is getting ready for the wedding. Natalya is informed about the weather. The thunder, lightning and rain is going to ruin the beach wedding. As Nattie is wondering what else could go wrong, Jaret shows up.

Natalya’s Mom thinks Natalya looks beautiful. Natalya apologizes about the wedding dress, but her Mom understands. Eva Marie, JoJo, Cam’ron and Vincent show up and tell everyone that they’re on the same page again.

Everyone is having a good time at John Cena’s Family Reunion. Nikki Bella thinks Cena’s family is hilarious and enjoys Cena’s brother’s impression of Stewie from Family Guy.

Tyson Kidd is talking about his wedding with her friends until Jaret shows up. Jaret reveals to Tyson Kidd that he and Natalya went out for dinner on her birthday in Calgary and that Natalya revealed that she and Tyson were having issues.

Tyson Kidd wants to have a word with Jaret outside.

Outside, Tyson Kidd finds out more about Natalya’s date with Jaret. Jaret claims that he thought that Tyson knew. Tyson leaves to go have a talk with Nattie.

Tyson Kidd goes to talk to Natalya. Natalya tells Tyson Kidd that they’re not supposed to see each other before the wedding, but Tyson calls her out on Jaret.

Damien Sandow says that the wedding is about to commence. The wedding starts, but but Tyson Kidd and Natalya are still arguing.

Tyson Kidd questions if they should even get married today. Natalya says that all of this is her fault and tells the truth about Jaret having feeling for her. Natalya tells Tyson that she told Jaret that Tyson is the only man in his life and no one can replace him. Natalya apologizes and Tyson Kidd her.

Before Natalya walks down the aisle with her Father, this happens:

Courtesy of E!

Natalya gets walked down the aisle by her Father. Harry Smith is the best man!

Tyson Kidd and Natalya get married! Natalya is legally “Nattie Neidhart Wilson AKA Mrs. Wilson.”

Damien Sandow introduces the new Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, Tyson and Natalya. Tyson and Natalya have their first dance, but they don’t know how to dance.

Nikki Bella calls Brie Bella and asks her to put her on the phone with Natalya. Nikki apologizes about missing the wedding and that she feels guilty that she didn’t come. Natalya forgives her and still considers her a sister.

Brie Bella catches the bouquet!

Tyson Kidd presents his wedding gift: A video tribute to Natalya. Natalya enjoys her wedding day and spending her special day with so many people that she loves. Natalya says that Tyson Kidd is her family and will be a part of her life forever.

John Cena and Nikki Bella are having dinner. Cena asks Nikki Bella if she’s happy because sometimes she doesn’t seem happy. Nikki tells Cena in the past year, they’ve only had 3 disagreements, never yelled or sweared at each other. John Cena reveals something about himself….

Courtest of 5CornersxSmootx

John Cena tells Nikki Bella that he’s very happy and wants to take their relationship to the next level. He wants to see her more so he asks Nikki Bella to move in with her.

Nikki Bella has one rule: Before she lives with someone, she wants to be engaged. But screw it! It’s John Cena! Nikki Bella agrees to move in with John Cena!

So That Happened:

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