Snapshots: Presidential Smackdown

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President Abraham Lincoln’s accomplishments during his presidency have been covered in several works. The Steven Spielberg directed film Lincoln is up for several Academy Awards, including Daniel Day Lewis for Best Actor in his portrayal of the 16th president, Steven Spielberg for Best Director and the film itself for Best Picture. But, President Lincoln was a Wrestler! The WWE has done some research on the topic with both articles and videos but now another form as surfaced, using Lincoln’s famed history as a grappler: Comic Book Form!

The cover for Marvel’s Deadpool #4 shows the Merc with a Mouth landing a well placed punch on the face of Honest Abe in the middle of the squared circle.

Image Courtesy of

Well, it’s a form of Abe Lincoln. The comic itself centers around Deadpool on his latest mission, eliminating resurrected versions of former US Presidents at the orders of S.H.I.E.L.D, not to be confused with The Shield. Deadpool dispatches some of the lesser known Presidents (The ‘Merc with a Mouth’ recognizes the Presidents on money. But John Tyler? Not so much.) until he makes his way to Zombie Lincoln, who held an entire Las Vegas arena hostage. The cover suggests that the Smackdown between Deadpool and Abe Lincoln takes place within the confines of a Wrestling Ring – Red Ropes Forever! – but ZLincoln is actually in an MMA Octagon, conditions probably more familiar to Abe from his Grappler days. Deadpool, not really one to skip out on a fight or a payday, faces Lincoln in hand to hand combat. That is, until wrestling finds a way in, as it does in many situations:

Image Crappy on Purpose. No Scans here, Guys

Abe Lincoln swings a Metal Chair! He’s Hardcore! He’s Hardcore! Will Deadpool be able to come back from Lincoln’s brutal offense? Will he be able to avenge his cornerman, Ghost Benjamin Franklin? All that and more are in the pages of Deadpool. Go out and Grab a Copy!

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