Ask ‘Em: Epic WWE Love Songs Of History!!

In Ask ‘Em, Three Man Booth will ask you to Smackdown Your Vote!

Earlier this week, we did a post on how Zack Ryder’s single “Hoeski” sounds like a lost track from Wrestlemania: The Album or WWE Originals. But Zack Ryder wasn’t the only WWE Superstar put his heartache in a love song. Canadian Icons Bret Hart and Trish Stratus respectively tried their own renditions of love songs WWE Albums. Now we want to know, who has the best love song in the WWE?

Bret Hart:  Never Been A Right Time To Say Goodbye

Probably the most successful out of the three is Bret Hart’s “Never Been A Right Time To Say Goodbye” from Wrestlemania: The Album. According to The Hitman, it was number 5 on the UK Charts. Bret’s love ballad is an odd, but welcomed change of pace on an album that’s full of WWE Superstar catch phrases and early 90’s Hip-Hop. If you think The Hitman excellent executed this song, vote for it now!

Trish Stratus: I Just Want You

WWE Originals was a different style from it’s predecessor, Wrestlemania: The Album. There were many love songs on this album from Superstars like Rikishi, Lita, and Stone Cold Steve Austin of all people! But Trish Stratus went all out with her love ballad, “I Just Want You.” Trish puts 100% Stratusfaction into this song and she just wants you to vote for it!

Zack Ryder: Hoeski

We’ve written about Zack Ryder’s wrestler/pop-star dreams and last week, he achieved both of them by being the first WWE Superstar to crack the iTunes Pop 100 with his single, “Hoeski.” I mean how could it not? Ryder’s song is arguably the catchiest one out of all three of them. If you’re a Broski or not, Zack Ryder could use your Voteski (I’m sorry…) to add another list of accolades to his new pop music career!

For those who don’t enjoy either nominee, we have a surprise entrant. We have it on good authority that it’s one of WWE Divas Champion, Kaitlyn’s favorite songs.

The voting will end Tuesday, February 19th at 12:00 AM EST so please vote for your favorite WWE Superstar Love Song! Good luck to all of the nominees and thank you for voting!

Update: This Poll Closed! (Trish won). But we’ve put up a new poll on our Twitter Page!

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