Highlight Reel: VH1 is Jericho

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will check out funny and interesting wrestling videos.

The great thing about being a wrestling fan is that you never know who is going to be a fellow wrestling fan or what will trigger them to reveal it. Take Taylor Swift, for example:

Okay, as far as we know, Taylor Swift isn’t a wrestling fan. Her song “Haunted” sounds a lot like The Undertaker’s “Dark Side” Theme, but that’s probably a coincidence. Still, Wrestling fandom can be like an addiction; it can appear out of nowhere and can be expressed in a multitude of ways. In the case of VH1’s Jim Shearer, he was able to combine Taylor Swift’s VH1 Countdown success with his bonafide Jericholic tendency. He explains his thankfulness for Taylor Swift in the clip below.

Jim, We’re your wrestling peeps. We got the reference and like Taylor Swift a little more now.

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