Santa with Muscles: Live with Kelly and Rey

In Santa with Muscles, ThreeManBooth talks about Wrestling related 
items that may make great gifts during this Holiday Season.

Live With Kelly and Michael devoted a whole week to showcasing great gift ideas for Holiday Season. One day during the week was devoted to Toys; the highlight of Toys day is usually when the hosts are armed with projectile-based toys and they unleash styrofoam hell on the unassuming audience. This year, however, the WWE’s Brawlin’ Buddies channeled their inner Dolph Ziggler and stole the show.


Kelly Ripa seems to be enjoying Rey Mysterio more than Michael Strahan is enjoying John Cena. Her enthusiasm for the Brawling Buddies’ details – Kelly seems to especially enjoy the nipples was only matched by her ingenious uses for the Rey Mysterio Buddy.

Rey Mysterio Defends / Deflects Flying Balls:
Rey Mysterio Clears Nearby Papers from the Desk:


And Sometimes Hitting Rey Mysterio is Just Fun:

Ultimately, Kelly Ripa is too much for Rey Mysterio; the speech enabled Brawlin’ Buddy can be heard giving up, which only causes Kelly to laugh even more.

Just Think How Much Fun You’ll Have Beating Up Rey Mysterio!
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