Highlight Reel: The only Super Bowl reaction video you need to see

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For those who didn’t watch Super Bowl 51, you missed quite the pro wrestling comeback. The New England Patriots came back from a 25 point deficit to defeat The Atlanta Falcons in overtime (First overtime ever), 34-28. It was the closest thing the NFL has had to a John Cena match.

Despite the Cena-style ending, Super Bowl 51 was not about New England’s John Cena vs. “The Guy from Atlanta.” The best wrestling reaction came from New Day Members Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.


Throughout the night, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods live streamed themselves watching the Super Bowl and playing the Injustice 2 Beta on the Playstation 4 during half-time. While all 3 hours of Kofi and Woods is very entertaining, WWE released a video of Kofi’s reaction during the Patriots’ comeback.

As you can see, the power of positivity was definitely in Kofi Kingston’s favor last night.


Also, during the Super Bowl Half-Time Show, Lady GaGa became a pro wrestler:

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