Luchadorable: John Cena

In Luchadorable, 3MBooth spotlights wrestlers being downright adorable!

It’s hard to stay angry at John Cena. Sure, there was a time when it was real issue. The “Spoiler Alert: I win LOL” Cena was real easy to boo him, melodically.

But in the last few years, John Cena really has turned a corner. He’s put on arguably one of the best matches of the year against AJ Styles at Royal Rumble 2017. He’s tied Ric Flair’s record of the most number of World Championship Title wins. He’s with Nikki Bella out of the ring and on reality TV, Total Bellas. He’s established his career outside of the ring too, shooting movies, voicing a pistachio loving pachyderm, hosting television shows like the ESPYS and Saturday Night Live. John Cena’s… happy!


He’s far from the guy who first came out to “My Time is Now.” So much so that Cena is able to take that song and turn it into, “My Slime is Now,” announcing his hosting of the 2017 Kids Choice Awards.

And it (mostly) works! You can’t tell us you don’t want to cheer three trumpet playing John Cenas!


And a John Cena covered in slime? That’s just fun.


Have fun hosting on March 11, Cena.

There is one caveat though: whenever Cena comes out and says, “Superstar X, you haven’t earned that championship until you’ve beaten me.” C’mon, Cena. Don’t make us start booing you again…

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