So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (01/26/16)

Another week! Another all new Total Divas! Let’s get started!

Sorry, Nattie. You’re just not a draw anymore:

In the ring, the Divas Revolution is taking off. Everyone’s involved, except Nattie who is at home with Tyson Kidd, preparing for his surgery.

Nattie and Tyson watch the Becky Lynch versus WHOEVER match on RAW. Nattie’s bummed she’s not in the ring mixing it up with the other Divas.

It’s the morning of Tyson Kidd’s surgery. Nattie’s been having butterflies about the surgery but is there for Tyson every step of the way. “We’re going to get through this together.”

Tyson Kidd’s surgery went really well! In the hospital room, CESARO stops by, bringing balloons and presents! Cesaro is the best friend ever. Also, all the other tag teams are wearing the Kidd / Cesaro shirt in solidarity.

Nattie takes a photo of Cesaro and Kidd together. Nattie asks if he wants to tweet to photo; Cesaro says he doesn’t need to tweet to prove that he’s Tyson’s best friend. Nattie wants to talk to Cesaro about the job; she just got a travel schedule but she wants to be there for Kidd. She doesn’t want to be forgotten though.

Back in the hospital, Nattie mentions her travel schedule to Tyson Kidd. Nattie says she’s staying with Tyson Kidd until he’s better. Kidd says that if she’s healthy, she should be on the road. Kidd has the Moms (Nattie’s Mom and Tyson’s Mom) and he’s trained the cats very well.

Nattie is riding with the Bella Twins. She tells them that Mark Carrano wants her to be in the crowd during NXT Takeover. Nikki feels bad that Nattie’s not a part of the Divas Revolution. Nattie takes part in an event for Friskies and Nattie is one of the celebrities!

The other is Grumpy Cat!

During the meet and greet, every fan comes up to Nattie, telling her that she should be part of the Divas Revolution.

Backstage at NXT, Nattie visits hair and makeup to say hi. She has to go get ready to sit in the crowd. Summer and Nattie continue their war of words.

In the ring, Eva Marie and Carmella have their match. Meanwhile Nattie was told to be in the crowd for that match but no one told her that her part as “spectator” was cut. Nattie has all these emotions right now. She doesn’t know where her career stands and where the WWE sees her in the long run.


At Summerslam, Nattie and Summer Rae try to make small talk in the back. Summer asks Nattie what it’s like being home.

Summer knows that Nattie is a workaholic and that she wants to be both in the ring and with Tyson Kidd. Summer Rae says that Nattie is Woman’s Wrestling and it’s only a matter of time before the crowd is cheering for her again. Nattie wants t give Summer a kiss which horrifies Summer. Nattie gets that kiss though.


“You fightin’. And ya’ll friends?!”:

In Green Bay, Paige checks in on her BFF Alicia Fox, who is sick. They wear surgical masks while catching up with each other.

Paige and Alicia Fox meet and greet some fans. Paige has her hair stylists with her (they’re also her friends) and Jenni, Nattie’s sister.

Paige, Her friends/Hairstylists/Glam squad, JENNI and Foxy are having dinner. A young girl runs over and hugs them both. She asks when they are fighting. Paige tells the girl that they are fighting each other. The girl is STUNNED. “And Ya’ll are friends?!?) Foxy reveals that she heard a little rumor about Paige having her friends / glam squad with her backstage. Paige quickly takes to the phone to resolve the issue, upsetting Foxy. It could get her in trouble.

Backstage, Alicia is with the hair and makeup team talking about shaving part of her head . Paige walks up to say that the issue has been resolved. Alicia has nothing to say to Paige but calls her “Princess Paige.”

SummerSlam is here. Alicia Fox is excited for the Divas Revolution match. There’s so much tension going to into the match. Team Bella versus Team BAD versus Team PCB. They do big moves during the match. The Bellas dive to the outside, Paige dives off the top rope, Nikki delivers an AlaBella Slam on the outside! In the ring, Alicia Fox tries to pick up Paige and she can’t. Alicia thinks Paige is sandbagging her, trying to make her look bad.

Alicia is getting pissed. You don’t bring your personal issues into the ring. That’s not where we settle things! The match soldiers on. Eventually Becky Lynch picks up the win for Team PCB. Backstage, Foxy goes looking for Paige. She says that she didn’t appreciate that Paige was playing possum . Paige needs some space.

Paige and Kevin get dinner at Avenue 13. Paige is bummed because she and Foxy made plans to hand out in New York City for weeks. While at dinner, Paige is getting a bunch of tweets that Foxy has unfollowed her on all the social medias.

Backstage, Paige and Foxy sit down to talk about their issues. Foxy feels that Paige taking care of the hairstylist issue violated her trust. Paige didn’t mean it; she didn’t want her friends to feel awkward. Paige says that she knows stuff about Foxy that no one else knows and vice-versa. They are best friends and that will never change. Paige isn’t going to talk about Foxy behind her back.


John Cena’s U.S. Proposal Challenge:

Back in Phoenix, Nikki and Brie have lunch to catch up since Nikki’s trip to Tokyo. Nikki tells Brie about the conversation she and Cena had over dinner. Nikki admits that she was hoping that Cena would have a stronger reaction than that, maybe saying that he wants to be the one give her kids. Nikki wanted her man to be more of a man, have a “talk” with Dolph.

Nikki and Cena celebrate their 3-year anniversary (1000 days says Cena). Their dessert conversation has the usual Nikki/John topics: farting, marriage and kids.

Nikki wants to know where Cena stands on the marriage situation. Cena says that at this point, would he love to marry Nikki? Absolutely. He loves her, more than he’s ever loved anyone in his life.



He’s afraid that they will get married and then Nikki wants children. She knows where he stands on children. And he doesn’t want Nikki to sacrifice what she wants for him. Cena realizes he puts an unusual set of circumstances in front of Nikki.

The Bella Twins and Mama Bella meet for drink. They talk about Thanksgiving plans. The Bellas and Cena have asked for that weekend off. Nikki shares her anniversary dinner conversation with Brie and Mama Bella. The big decision is on Nikki: is she okay not being a mother? Mama Bella says it would be unfair to Nikki if neither one of them admits what they really want for their future.

At a WWE Event The Bella Twins are there for the reading challenge. They are supposed to be joined by The Miz but there’s a last minute substitution: Dolph Ziggler! AWKWARD…

They practice the book they are going to read aloud to the kids. Dolph is classic Ziggler the entire time, flirting with Nikki.

When the get in front of the kids, Dolph Ziggler does what he does best: shows off. He connects to the kids and is having fun. Nikki is impressed at how well Dolph is with the kids and thinks what a good dad he would make. The war in Nikki’s head (Dolph versus Cena) rages on.


During SummerSlam weekend, John Cena grants his 500th Make-A-Wish! All the kids are excited to see John Cena, Nikki and Brie. The WWE also donated $1 million to Make-A-Wish. The kids get to play games with John Cena, like skee ball and pop-a-shot. Nikki thinks Cena would be the most perfect dad ever but she has to watch it from afar.

In Providence, RI, The Bella Twins and Nattie get together for lunch (or maybe just wine). Nikki says that her favorite moment of the weekend was Cena’s 500th Make-A-Wish because Cena would be such a great Dad. Nattie reminds Nikki of what she told him: Cena’s pulled in so many directions so it’s hard for him to imagine himself as a dad with the schedule she has. Nattie says that miracles do happen and Nikki does pray on it (3 to 5 times a day?!?!).


Dolph Ziggler loves catering dates:

Paige and Dolph Ziggler run into each other backstage. Paige asks with Ziggler has a picture of Nikki Bella; he does. He keeps it on his fridge to remind him not to go in there.

And Eva Marie was there too:

Eva Marie is in New York. She excited for SummerSlam week and her NXT match.
Eva Marie is Periscoping “Walking Times Square” even though she’s on 57th street (NOT Times Square). Eva changes it to “Walking to Times Square” with all that quick on the feet thinking.

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