DVR is WAR: #RAW Recap (1/25/16)

As you know, So That Happened has been a staple for RAW and Total Divas Recaps over the past few years. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. At least on the RAW side of things. So, we present to you our NEW RAW Format: DVR is WAR.So grab your popcorn and enjoy!

The preferred way to watch Monday Night RAW is live with us on Twitter. But, if you saved it to your DVR and need to clear 3+ hours of space fast, we’re here to help.


RAW Introduction / Triple H is your new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Basically, Triple H is better than the entire WWE roster (We get it) and now needs to find an opponent for Wrestlemania 32. The Authority will decide the Fastlane main event – based on tonight’s matches – by the end of RAW.

If you have time:

Listen to Vince tell the Miami crowd to “Shut Up!” (4:05) before he and Stephanie introduce Triple H.


The ending of Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens (30:45)

You can watch the entire match. Neither Superstar ever disappoints. But Kevin Owens delivers a nasty suplex, Dolph Ziggler catches Owens with a Superkick out of nowhere

And Owens delivers a vicious Pop-Up Powerbomb to get the victory! Phew!

Watch: The Rap Battle between Bo Dallas aka Bo Rida and Flo Rida (39:00)

Heath Slater gets bonus points for keeping his feud with Flo Rida. It escalates to Flo Rida entering the ring to battle rap Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, Adam Rose and Heath Slater before bringing out the Dudley Boys to face The Social Outcasts. Bo name drops Bob Saget aka Danny Tanner from Full House and Fuller House!

Skip: The Dudley Boys versus The Social Outcasts (Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel)

Dudleys win after Flo Rida interferes. That’s it.

Watch: AJ Styles versus Chris Jericho. ALL OF IT. (53:09)


Watch AJ and Jericho briefly interact before the commercial break.

Catch your breath during the commercial break.

Then watch them wrestle!

If you have time: Watch it again!

Watch: Sasha Banks versus Becky Lynch (1:22:49)

Becky, dejected after losing her Divas Title match at the Royal Rumble, comes out like a ball of fire. Sasha, making her return at the Royal Rumble at the expense of Becky, is out to prove that she deserved the Divas Title.

Skip: Goldust and R-Truth

Goldust wants a ‘partner’ to tag with; R-Truth thinks he means something else. Yup.

Skip: Bray Wyatt versus Kane

No offense to Bray Wyatt and Kane but we’ve seen this match-up before. Also, the Miami crowd seems more interested in the guys cosplaying as Macho Man Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker and The Rock sitting in the front row. Bray wins after The Wyatt Family interferes and he connects with Sister Abigail.

Watch: The Rock’s return to RAW! (1:52:45)

You get the #LimoSwerve with The Miz, the surprise of The Rock driving into the arena. Then The Rock downgrades The Miz from must see WWE Superstar to Valet, makes The Big Show cry, ‘reminisces’ with Lana (and Rusev), wishes Pat Patterson a Happy Birthday all before heading to the ring to greet the Miami audience. It’s a magical transition from cocky jerk to beloved hero.

Keep Watching: The New Day Interrupts The Rock! (2:07:28)

The New Day harness the Power of Positivity in order to go 3-on-1 with The Great One verbally. It’s bonkers. There are references galore!

Then the Usos come out and wrestling happens. Bottoms are Rocked, Spines are Busted, A Samoan Superkick Party breaks out and the most Electrifying Elbow in sports Entertainment is Dropped!

Skip: Nattie and Paige versus Brie Bella and Alicia Fox

It’s hard to follow a segment that has The Rock AND The New Day in it. Nattie and Paige pick up the win after Paige hits the Rampaige on Brie Bella.

If you have time: Kalsito versus The Miz (2:32:15)

Kalisto and The Miz put on a really solid match. The Miz is tired of being interrupted – like how The Rock did earlier – and it boils his blood! Kalisto interrupts him mid-sentence, angering him even further. They have a solid match. The Miz even rips the mane off of Kalisto’s mask!

Watch: The end of Kalisto versus The Miz (2:41:20)

The Miz hits one heck of a DDT on Kalisto. But Kalisto counters The Skull Crushing Finale – mid air – into The Salida Del Sol in order to get the victory!

Skip: Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose versus Sheamus and Rusev

Like Bray Wyatt and Kane, we have nothing against these guys. We just know that The Authority is coming out to make the big announcement after the match so this main event is like the road to the Fireworks Factory.

Watch: The Fireworks Factory! (3:07:21)

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose takes things to the next level post-match. They double powerbomb Rusev through the English announce table from the French announce table, payback for Rusev driving Roman Reigns through the announce table at the Royal Rumble.


Stephanie comes out, impressed, and announces the main event for Fastlane: Roman Reigns versus Dean Ambrose versus Brock Lesnar! The winner faces Triple H at Wrestlemania 32!

That’s it for DVR Is WAR. We’ll be back next week. And…

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