So That Happened: #RAW Recap (12/14/15)

This week’s RAW was a huge show. So let’s not waste any time with our RAW Recap!

RAW starts off by recapping the main event of WWE TLC 2015. Roman Reigns, inches away from winning is toppled by The League of Nations. An upset Roman Reigns takes his frustrations out on everyone, including the Chief Operations Officer Triple H who Roman speared, powerbombed and drove through a table. On RAW, Stephanie calls out Roman Reigns for beating up Triple H.

Stephanie McMahon can’t fire Roman Reigns because she promised Triple H she wouldn’t but she does slap the taste out of his mouth!


And even though Stephanie McMahon promised Triple H, someone else didn’t: Vince McMahon. He’s on his way to the arena and who knows what he might do.

But before we get to that, Dolph Ziggler faces the NEW Intercontinental Champion, Dean Ambrose.

Their exciting back and forth upset the former champion Kevin Owens who made his way ringside, interrupting the match. Owens delivered two Pop-Up Powerbombs to Dean Ambrose and then delivers a Pop-Up Powerbomb to Dolph Ziggler, throwing him on top of Ambrose!

Owens isn’t going to stop until he gets hit Championship back.

There’s still no Vince but there is R-Truth versus Bo Dallas.

Not for long though. Vince’s limo pulls up just as the match starts.

He wastes no time and heads straight to the ring, kicking R-Truth and Bo Dallas out. Then he makes us all wait before he calling Roman Reigns to the ring. Basically, he didn’t want to see R-Truth versus Bo Dallas either.

Vince threatens to kick Roman’s ass himself. Reigns thinks he doesn’t have it in him (He does, Roman)

#ScumbagSheamus comes out and uses the transitive property of being Irish. He challenges Roman to a match and, so confident he’ll win, he puts the title on the line. Also, he finally has a comeback to you look stupid chants, “If I look stupid and you paid to see me, what does that make you?”

Vince vetoes #ScumbagSheamus’ White Boy Challenge until Roman tells Vince that his grapefruits are now prunes.

Vince never backs own from a double dog dare so he makes the match and adds a stipulation. If Reigns loses, he’s FIRED. To add Injury to insult, Vince kicks Reigns in his grapefruits!

We have that to look forward to. But we also have The Real American Jack Swagger and the American Eater The Ryback losing to the League of Nations’ Rusev and Alberto Del Rio

Another edition of Adam Rose’s Rosebush where he makes fun of Charlotte and Tommy Dreamer

Neville defeating Tyler Breeze while The Miz directs from ringside. Post match, the Miz revealed that he wants to help Neville in exchange for learning Neville’s authentic English accent. The Miz hopes the accent will help him land the role of the next James Bond.

An Extreme Rules match between Team ECW / Team Extreme (The Dudley Boys, Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno) and the Wyatts. (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Brun Strowman)

Team Extreme used Trash Cans, Kendo Sticks, Baseball Bats, Tables, Crutches and Chairs and fought the Wyatt Boys all over the arena.

Erick Rowan received the WAZZUP headbutt.

A Tower of Doom onto a Ladder!

Braun Strowman slid across the announcer table like a slip n slide! The fight went into the crowd, South Philadelphia style!

Tommy Dreamer delivered a Dreamer Driver from the ring stage through 2 tables!

Braun Strowman drove Tommy Dreamer through a barricade!

Harper lived by the Table and got 3-D’d through the table!

But it was Erick Rowan, diving off the top rope through a table onto a fallen Rhyno that earned the Wyatts the victory.


New Day came out to show respect to their opponents from TLC – The Usos and the Lucha Dragons. The Usos and The Lucha Dragons came out to the ring, hesitant to accept The New Day’s offer. The New Day called for a truce, especially after the display that everyone put on last night. They gave kudos to Sin Cara for sacrificing his body. They gave kudos to Kalisto for that Salida del Sol off the top of the ladder through a ladder.

Kalisto asked about the trombone that Xavier Woods threw at Kalisto while he was climbing the ladder. Xavier Woods apologized. It was a decision in the heat of the moment.

The Uso Dragons are not buying it. Regardless, The New Day want to point out that their match at TLC took the tag division to the next level and that new respect was earned. Everyone reluctantly shook hands.

Then the New Day reminded everyone that they won though and are STILL the WWE Tag Team Champions! The New Day celebrate the only way they know how: through dance!

That struck a nerve with the Uso Dragons , who returned to the ring and attacked the New Day.

Ric Flair helped the team of Charlotte and Becky Lynch pick up the win over Brie Bella and Alicia Fox. Becky got the win but didn’t see Ric trip Alcia Fox from the outside.

Oh, and Team B.A.D. watch the entire thing from their front row seats ringside.

Then the main event! Vince McMahon returned and got an even better seat than Team BAD. He watched #ScumbagSheamus and Roman Reigns beat the snot out of each other for the second night in a row. Roman even got busted Open exchanging punches and headbutts with #ScumbagSheamus.

Just when it looks like Roman was going to win, Vince pulled the referee out of the ring. When Reigns couldn’t capitalize, the League of Nations (minus Barrett) appeared at ringside while Vince distracted referee John Cone. Roman stopped Del Rio but Rusev got a kick in. Reigns survived, superman punching Rusev, #ScumbagSheamus and Vince McMahon in that order!


Reigns kicked out of a Brogue Kick to deliver a SPEAR to #ScumbagSheamus and win the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

What a win for Roman Reigns. And he actually kept it this time! What’s going to happen next? Only way to find out. See you next week!

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