So That Happened: #RAW / The #SLAMMY Awards Recap (12/21/15)

After Roman Reigns’ WWE World Heavyweight Title win last week, the WWE follows up with the 2015 Slammy Awards! Who goes home with the award?

Well, besides Sherbie? Let’s find out!

Stephanie McMahon kicks off RAW, surprisingly in a good mood.

Stephanie McMahon brings up Roman Reigns beating down her husband Triple H and Vince McMahon. Stephanie says McMahons don’t wallow in pity and nothing can bring her down. Enter Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns is in a good mood and ready to celebrate, but thinks Stephanie McMahon is planning a set up or trying to make him sweat. Reigns says he doesn’t sweat Stephanie, her Father or her husband, Triple H. Reigns says when she sees Triple H, tell him that’s not hard to find. Reigns says he’s the guy holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Stephanie McMahon tries to kick Roman Reigns out but Reigns refuses to leave.

Stephanie McMahon screams for Roman Reigns to leave, but Reigns calls her a child. Reigns continues to piss Stephanie McMahon off by turning his back to her and leaving.

Stephanie McMahon demands Roman Reigns come back in the ring to face him, but Reigns goes up through the crowd. Stephanie makes Reigns’ family suffer by putting The Usos in a 3-on-2 handicap match against The New Day and Dean Ambrose in a Steel Cage Match against #ScumbagShemaus.


Dolph Ziggler comes out to give out the Breakout Superstar Of The Year award.

The winner is Neville.

Kevin Owens interrupts Neville calling his win crap. After Neville leaves, Kevin Owens complains that he’s the true breakout star of the year.

When Owens notices Ziggler laughing, Owens says Ziggler can win the hasbeen of the year award and the two brawl.


Bray Wyatt faces a returning Kane next!

The match is quickly ended when The Wyatt Family attacks Kane until Team ECW helps. This leads to an 8 Man Tag Team Match.

That The Wyatt Family eventually wins.

Santino Marella returns to present the Laugh Out Loud Moment Of The Year.

The award goes to R-Truth.

Santino Marella tried to steal the award but R-Truth chased him off the stage.

Paul Heyman presents the OMG Moment Of The Year next.

The winner is Kalisto for the Selina Del Sol off the ladder.

Kalisto gives a heartwarming acceptance speech. It’s like he’s the only person who wants to be there.

Kevin Owens faces Dolph Ziggler next.

Dolph Ziggler tried but was beat by Kevin Owens and a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

Stephanie McMahon comes out to present the Superstar Of The Year. Every Superstar was eligible, but the winner of Superstar Of The Year is Seth Rollins.


Seth Rollins actually comes out to accept his award and gets a “Thank You Rollins” chant.

After bragging about how great he is, Seth Rollins addresses his knee injury. Rollins vows to rebuild nad come back to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship he never lost.

John Cena will return next week to face Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio responds to this news by destroying Jack Swagger.

The League of Nations also destroy Jack Swagger.

Mark Henry comes out to present the Hero Of The Year Award.

The winner is John Cena. John Cena is not here to accept it, but Mark Henry is! Henry accepts the award on John Cena’s behalf.

Bo Dallas (Dressed as Santa Claus) comes out to present the Surprise Return Of The Year.

The winner is Sting…who ALSO is not there accept his award.

The New Day comes out next and they’re not in a good mood.

The New Day calls out the fans for not voting for them. The New Day casts Shame on the WWE Universe and calls Sting out for not even being there to receive his award.

Big E plans to spoil Star Wars but Kofi Kingston hasn’t seen the movie yet. Xavier Woods and Big E make fun of Kofi for not seeing the movie, but he reminds them that he has a son, so he hasn’t gotten around to seeing it yet. The New Day celebrate the fact that they are still WWE World Tag Team Champions.

The New Day’s bad luck continues when they lose the handicap match to The Usos

R-Truth presents Diva Of The Year.

The winner is Paige.

Actually, the winner is Nikki Bella. Because, you know. Steve Harvey.


Nikki Bella tells Paige to stay on the stage, then dedicates the Slammy is dedicated to every girl in the WWE, NXT, the offices and most importantly the fans.

Rusev (with The League Of Nations) defeated Neville by making him tap out to the Accolade. The Miz was on commentary the entire time.

After the match, The League Of Nations takes out Neville.


The Miz walks over to present the “This Is Awesome Moment Of The Year.”

The Rock and Ronda Rousey win, but are not there to accept it either.

Becky Lynch (with Charlotte) quickly defeats Brie Bella (with Alicia Fox)


Ric Flair comes out to present Match Of The Year. It goes to Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker. Paul Heyman comes out to accept it.

Heyman tells the WWE Universe, who wants Brock Lesnar that Brock Lesnar doesn’t do award shows and that the real reason Lesnar isn’t here is because the wrestlers in the back are too afraid to face Brock Lesnar.

Backstage, The League Of Nations attacked The Usos so they wouldn’t interfere in the cage match.

Dean Ambrose comes out to face #ScumbagSheamus, but distracted but The League Of Nations, the Brogue Kicked.

During the cage match, #ScumbagSheamus hits a Top Rope White Noise.

And Dean Ambrose tries to escape but Alberto Del Rio and Rusev corner him. Dean Ambrose does the next best thing.

Towards the end of the cage match, Roman Reigns finally comes out to help Dean Ambrose. King Barrett flees the scene.

Roman Reigns throws a chair into the cage, which Dean Ambrose uses on #ScumbagSheamus. Dean Ambrose and #ScumbagSheamus climb out of the cage at the same time. Eventually #ScumbagSheamus knocks Ambrose off until he falls off. Roman Reigns hits #ScumbagSheamus with a spear.


After the match, Roman Reigns celebrates with his pal, Dean Ambrose.

Backstage, Tom Phillips asks Stephanie McMahon about her thoughts on what just happened. Stephanie responds by brutally murdering Tom Phillips.

Thanks for checking out the RAW Recap folks! See you next week from Brooklyn and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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