So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (09/08/15)


The Rock and Red Connection:

Eva Marie meets with her manager, Dani Garcia, who is The Rock’s manager. They talk about Eva Marie wanting to have a career like the Rock, which is a high goal that requires a lot of work.

Eva comes home from the meeting in full work mode, ignoring Jonathan.

Jonathan talks to Eva Marie about having a work / life balance and they plan a “no phones” day so they can spend some time together.


Except! Eva’s phone won’t stop ringing. It’s Mark Carano, telling Eva that they need her to come back to the ring 2 weeks ahead of time. And right in the middle of no phones day!

Jonathan dares Eva to throw her phone out in the spirit of the day. She teases by hanging the phone out the window but Jonathan short stops the car, causing Eva to drop her phone! They go back to retrieve it and Eva’s convinced it’s broken but the phone just came apart.

Eva hits the ring work with The Brian Kendrick even harder (she’s getting… better?), given the upcoming return.

Brian gives out some relationship advice: a level of commitment needs to be balanced with how much time you want to maintain a healthy relationship. Pay some attention to Jonathan.

The Rock wants Eva Marie at the premiere of San Andreas. In getting ready, Eva tells Jonathan that he’s been so supportive and she knows that he gets to spend time with her during the not fun parts. But things are just taking off and she wants him by her side, except when she’s by the side of The Rock!


Uso Family Vacation:

Jimmy Uso and Naomi have a few days off coming up. Naomi plans a family road trip, inviting everyone: her Dad, Jey Uso, Jey’s wife, and Tamina, who is Jimmy Uso’s cousin, and all the kids. “How are we going to fit?” asks Jimmy.

Naomi rented a giant RV!


But it’s not perfect. The RV’s AC isn’t working and the shower is stopped up, stinking up the whole bus!

When they get to the campsite, Adventures Unlimited, it is not the same as where Jimmy Uso used to go as a kid. Mosquitos are everywhere!

Plus, the park won’t let them go on the water for swimming, tubing, and kayaking: there are high waters and trees being downed in the creeks.

Everyone’s complaining and Naomi is trying to stay positive…

Until she lets the Jimmy Uso know that their negativity is affecting the trip.

Jonathan apologies, saying he’s appreciate of all the work Naomi put into this trip. Naomi explains that the whole point of the experience is to bond, even if things don’t go perfectly.

Now, with the funk gone from the trip, everyone can have fun! They go swimming in the pond! They play with sparklers!

Everyone ends the trip with S’mores around a roaring campfire.

Except Tamina: she dropped hers.

Bella Burnout:

Nikki Bella’s not feeling well going into her match against Paige at Money in the Bank. But the Divas champion gets no days off; Nikki manages to beat Paige after a failed attempt at Twin Magic aka ‘The Busty Finish’

Nikki’s so burnt out that she doesn’t even want to get out of the car the next day. Brie tries to motivate Nikki, first by teasing that she’ll take the title from her, then by encouraging her to put a smile on her face.

Instead, Nikki’s so worn out that she’s thinking about quitting. Time to talk to Mark Carano!


Mark Carano asks whether Nikki is willing to give up the title she’s worked so hard for. Nikki says no; what she needs is a few days off instead. Carano can grant that wish (as long as it’s not Monday).

The Bellas plan a trip to Napa Valley with Renee Young!

It’s like Eat, Pray, Love but with more Wine and less Julia Roberts!

They dance (in bikinis) and sit in pools (in bikinis), trying to unwind.

Nikki still can’t get out of her head – she’s worried about her upcoming PPV match – so Brie keeps suggesting therapy.


Nikki reveals in a meal with John Cena that the last time she tired therapy, it didn’t go well. It was during her parents’ divorce and when she started to open up, her family shut down. Cena encourages Nikki to see a therapist because it will schedule time for herself and going by yourself is different than going with your family.

Nikki agrees (Cena is always right) then the two playfully banter back and forth.

After an amazing 2 hour session, Nikki is feeling better about carrying the weight that’s on her shoulders.

So That Renee Young Happened:


Next Week on Total Divas:

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