So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (09/01/15)


The Dress Movement:

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella meet for lunch/dinner. Bryan is happy to see Brie, but is weirded out to see Brie Bella in so little clothes. Bryan thinks Brie Bella should wear more clothing and leave more to the imagination, but Brie likes her body and wants to show it off before she gets pregnant.


Later, Brie Bella talks to Nikki Bella about Daniel Bryan being unhappy with her wardrobe. Nikki thinks Brie should dress how she wants and if she wants to show off her body, she should.

At The Danielson House,ย Brie Bella is trying on a dress, but Daniel Bryan disapproves again. Bryan says Brie is dressing similar to Nikki Bella, which Brie disagrees with. Brie refuses to change the outfit and Daniel Bryan decides to declare war.


Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan gets a self-composting toilet. Brie Bella is not impressed with the toilet, but Bryan thinks the toilet will help them and the environment.

Brie Bella didn’t realize how serious Daniel Bryan was when it came to going to war.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella hang out with Kathy, JJ and Lauren Bella. JJ and Lauren ask about Bryan’s composting toilet, which Bryan happily tells them about it. While Bryan shows Kathy the composting toilet, JJ lets Brie know that her in-house toilet won’t flush. Brie asks Bryan if he turned off the water to the toilets and he said yes because they’re using the composting toilet.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella get into a debate over the composting toilet. Bryan lets Brie know that if she wants to show her nipples to the world, she can do that and Bryan will do his thing. The Bella Family actually sides with Daniel Bryan, saying Brie Bella’s wardrobe can be an issue and that her nipples can be seen sometimes. Bryan and Brie come to an agreement: If Brie dresses more appropriate, Bryan will turn the water back on.

Later, Daniel Bryan is going through Brie Bella’s wardrobe and getting rid of the things he hates. Brie jokes that since Bryan got rid of a lot of her clothes, she has to go shopping for conventional clothes. Bryan ends the episode by talking about going to take a “number 2” in the Compost Toilet.

Jenni’s A Crowd:

Natalya, Jenni and Tyson Kidd are shopping for new furniture. While Nattie and Tyson Kidd debate the furniture, Jenni keeps interjecting with things she wants for the house. Tyson reminds Jenni that it isn’t her house and pushes for her to leave, but Nattie stops him.

Back at TV, Natalya tries to set Mark Carrano up with her sister Jenni.

Nattie’s plan is to set Jenni up with someone to get her out of her and Tyson Kidd’s house. After the Carrano plan fails, Nattie tries to set Jenni up with Big E. Big E is interested in going out with Nattie’s sister.

Later, Nattie and Tyson Kidd go on a date with Jenni and Big E.


Jenni and Big E have a great time on the date. Nattie suggests Jenni cook at Big E’s place, but she doesn’t want to do that.

Later, Jenni invites Big E to meet the cat 2Pawz and go in the hot tub. Tyson Kidd is upset that this is all going to happen at his house.

Big E comes over and meets 2Pawz and has fun in the hot tub with Jenni. Tyson Kidd is upset that all of this is happening at his house and wants Natalya to fix it.

Later, Nattie and Jenni are planning to work on Tyson and Nattie’s house with the same interior designer John Cena used. Tyson hates this idea and says Jenni doesn’t know what she is talking about. Randomly, Jenni brings up that she never liked the way Tyson proposed to Nattie and the two get into an argument.


This is Tyson’s breaking point as he asks when Jenni is leaving. Nattie tries to calm them both down, but now Jenni doesn’t feel welcome in the house. Both Tyson Kidd and Jenni go to separate rooms.

Later, Tyson Kidd and Natalya talk about the Jenni situation. Nattie blames herself for this because it was her idea to have Jenni live here. Nattie tries to talk to Jenni, but Jenni doesn’t want to talk. Jenni tells Nattie that she’s going to live with their parents. Nattie is happy because life is finally working out.

Everybody Hates Paige (Featuring Cameron):

Paige and Alicia Fox test out motorcycles. Paige is excited to get on the bike, but Alicia Fox reminds Paige that she doesn’t even have a motorcycle license yet.


Later, Mark Carrano informs Paige that Cameron wants a bigger role on TV and needs to be trained. Carrano wants Paige to train Cameron. Paige is reluctant, but is up for the challenge. Paige talks to Cameron about working together.

Paige tries to talk to Cameron about the opportunity. Cameron promises to bring it.


Later, The Three Amigas go on their first motorcycle ride together. While riding, Paige falls off the bike and gets into an accident.

Paige is alright, but is a little taken back because it reminds her of her car accident. The Three Amigas had fun but vow to never ride a motorcycle again.

After some small talk, with Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox and Titus O’Neil, Mark Carrano finds Paige talk. Carrano reminds Paige to be smarter with her decisions because she is Paige and she is on 24/7. Paige apologizes and feels bad about the whole incident.


The next day, Paige and Cameron go to NXT for training. Cameron jokes that she might hurt Paige for real…

And that’s exactly what she does.

Paige tries to be patient with Cameron’s lack of skill, but Cameron continues to hurt Paige while training. Paige snaps and starts to get more aggressive in the ring with Cameron.


The fight gets more aggressive until Sara Amato, the NXT Trainer separates them. Cameron calls Paige out on not acting like a veteran, then calls her a bitch.

Later, Paige and Alicia Fox are planning on renting an ice cream truck.

Mark Carrano calls Paige and scolds her for having an altercation Cameron. Paige tries to explain her side of the story, and says Cameron tries to break her neck. Carrano still blames Paige because they trusted Paige to train Cameron and gives her another warning.

At TV, Paige meets a fan. After meeting a fan, Paige finds out that she has been removed from TV and Live Events this week. Paige confronts Road Dogg about this.

Road Dogg claims that WWE would never change creative direction if there is a personal issue. Paige thinks this is punishment for her fight with Cameron. Road Dogg is upset that Paige accused him of changing the direction of the show because of an argument with Cameron. Road Dogg calls this Strike II.

Road Dogg reminds Paige that she’s only 22 and that she needs to think about what she’s doing and to get her head out of her ass.

At Public House, Paige explains her situation with Cameron to Nikki Bella and and Natalya. Nattie and Nikki understand, but remind Paige that they put Paige in that position because they trusted her to be Cameron’s coach. Nattie lets Paige know that she needs to pick and choose her battles, but Paige would rather go back to England than concede to this Cameron fight. Paige storms out of Public House.

Nikki Bella lets Paige know that she is the future, so when they disagree, they are just trying to lead Paige in the right direction. Nikki lets Paige know that even though she gets upset, she reacts privately to Brie but not in front of higher ups. Nattie agrees and tells Paige to not let anyone take her future away from her. Paige toasts with Nikki Bella and Natalya and thanks them for talking her out of moving to England.


In case you missed it:

Emma’s Cameo:

The Bella Twins’ Go For Tattoo Removal:

Brie Bella is getting ready of her fairy tattoo on her butt. Nikki Bella is keeping her firey heart tattoo because John Cena likes it.

So That Happened:

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