So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (08/18/15 (Kinda) and 08/25/15)


We didn’t do a recap for last week’s episode, but here’s what you missed:

  • Naomi struggled with being a stepmom.
  • The Bella Twins struggled with opening a barre studio.
  • Eva Marie still struggled with learning a new finisher.

Now onto this week’s episode!

You Can Look, But You Can’t Sing:

At a TV Taping, Brie Bella tells Nikki Bella that WWE wants her to sing her own entrance music. Nikki immediately wants to do the same thing, thinking she is the better singer of the Bella Twins.

Brie Bella goes to record a remix to her theme song, “A Beautiful Life.” Brie knows she can’t sing, but wants to give it a try anyway. It’s terrible.


The producers make several attempts to make Brie sound better, but it doesn’t work.

Later, Nikki Bella tells everyone how bad Brie Bella’s song is, and insists she can do better.

Nikki Bella ends up going to the recording studio with Renee Young to sing “You Can’t Look, But You Can’t Touch” with Jim Johnston.

Nikki Bella is even worse than Brie.


Jim Johnston does his best to coach Nikki Bella, but it does not work. Meanwhile, Renee Young is recording the whole thing.

Renee Young shows the footage of Nikki Bella’s singing to Brie and they both have a laugh at Nikki’s expense.

Later, after filming some hockey promotion for the Anaheim Ducks, Brie Bella lets Nikki know that she is going to sing the National Anthem tonight before the game.

Nikki Bella is nervous and doesn’t want to fail. While in the dressing room, Brie lets Nikki know that it was just a prank and she won’t have to sing the National Anthem.

This Is My Boyfriend:

Paige’s Boyfriend Kevin Skaff, visits Paige on the set of her new movie, “Santa’s Little Helper.” After filming, the couple goes to the Public House for a drink. While at Public House, one of Kevin’s fans came up to them and asked for a selfie and a shot with Kevin. Paige gets jealous and is uncomfortable with fans coming up to Kevin. Paige assumes that if he does that when she is around, what kind of stuff will Kevin do when she’s not around.

Later, Paige is venting to Rosa Mendes about her issues with Kevin Skaff. After talking about her sex life, Rosa Mendes tells Paige the idea of leaving a tape recorder to trick Kevin and see if he’s up to anything. It’s a trick Rosa used on an ex-boyfriend. Paige doesn’t use the tape recorder, but likes the idea of testing Kevin.

Later, Kevin Skaff and Rosa Mendes go on a night out. Paige shows up after filming, then asks a couple if she can borrow the girl to test Kevin.

The girl tries to flirt with Kevin, but Skaff is not interested. Shortly after, Paige walks over to Kevin and Rosa and reveals that Kevin passed the test. Kevin is upset that Paige tried to test her, then leaves the bar.

At the hotel, Kevin Skaff and Paige talk about Paige’s stunt, which Paige apologizes for multiple times. Paige blames her actions on her past, but Kevin eventually forgives her.


Natalya’s On Fleek:

After showing Alicia Fox and Natalya getting a facial, Total Divas begins with Mark Carrano and Natalya discussing Natalya’s contract. Carrano mentions that Nattie is getting older and that WWE is looking to move her out of the ring and more into an ambassador role. Nattie is not a fan of this and vents to Nikki Bella about being pushed out because of her age. Nikki also finds this ridiculous since Nikki is 7 months younger than Nattie.

This causes Natalya to fall into an embarrassing cycle. Nattie starts asking people how old they think she is.

Nattie starts trying to act younger than she is. Nattie tries to copy Alicia Fox by saying “On Fleek,” before asking Emma and R-Truth what it means, then continues by giving R-Truth a “cool” handshake.

Later, Natalya is at a bar with her “bae” Alicia Fox, Naomi and Tamina. Nattie continues to try and act younger than she is by using words like “bae,” then tries to bond with younger people at the bar by singing the “Ziggy Zoggy” chant.

After Naomi pulls Natalya out of the bar, Nattie vents that she feels like the ugly duckling in WWE because of her age.

While the Naomi and Tamina talk to Natalya, a drunk man insults them and tries to pick a fight. The poor fool tries to pick a fight with Tamina Snuka.

The poor fool made it out alive, but Tamina gives Natalya a pep talk, telling her not to worry about her age and not to let age get her down.


The next day, Natalya and Nikki Bella have another talk about age. Nikki Bella and Nattie both agree that age is nothing but a number and that they are in the prime of their careers. They’ve never looked better physically and they’ve never been better mentally.


So That Happened:

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