Snapshots: White and Gold (and Gold!)

In Snapshots, 3MBooth searches for images to share.

Between NXT Takeover: Brooklyn and SummerSlam, a trend started to appear. Bayley, The New Day and Seth Rollins had two things in common.

  1. They were all victorious in their matches: Bayley won the NXT Women’s Championship. The New Day won the WWE Tag Team Championship. Seth Rollins retained his WWE World Heavywright Championship. Oh, he also won the United States Championship!
  2. They were all wearing White and Gold ring attire!

which caused the Internet Artists to get their pens out and capture this moment in artist form!

Bayley is animated normally. But to capture the wonderful moment of her captured the title is best depicted her:

It’s as adorable and sincere as Bayley is. Seth Rollins, in contrast, was completely ecstatic over his title win!

But no one was happier to win than The New Day. Not only did they win, not only did they celebrate, but even the depictions of them are animated!

The only team that won tiles but did not wear White and Gold are the Vaudevillians. They won the NXT Tag Team Championships while wearing Blue and Black:

Or is that White and Gold?

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