3 Count: Cool for the SummerSlam

In 3 Count, Three Man Booth will Discuss Wrestling & Wrestling Related Music:
The Good, The Bad & The Cheesy

The biggest party of the Summer is here! And what’s a party without music? Nothing, that’s what! The WWE made an interesting choice with this year’s official SummerSlam theme: on the surface, “Cool for the Summer” or Demi Lovato don’t seem to fit with the WWE. But, after a quick look, “Cool for the Summer” is the perfect song for this year.

Here’s why:

3MB_WWE_SummerSlamLogoOff the bat, this song is catchy. Like, really catchy, not “burrowed into our brains after hearing it repeatedly on RAW for 3 hours” catchy. In the course of one RAW, the song went from being “that SummerSlam song” to “Cool for the Summer.” We’ll actually listen to this after the PPV is over.

The message isn’t overt. WWE’s PPV themes usually fall in one of two categories: songs about overcoming/defying/achieving¬† like Wrestlemania 31’s theme “Rise.” At least that’s what we think that song is about. It’s hard to hear anything other than “get in, get in, get out” or whatever that is at the start of that song.

The other category for PPV themes is for songs like SummerSlam 2013’s “Gold Rush.” It was chosen because… it has gold in the title? Gold for Gold belts? Sure! why not? This year’s song has “Summer” in the title. The puns write themselves.

“Cool for the Summer.” It’s casual. Demi Lovato is singing about hanging out and hooking up with a girl (or boy – who are we to judge?) just for a little while. In WWE Terms, this is what the WWE is talking about hooking up with them and, for only $9.99 on the WWE Network, that’s a cheap date!.

201710aPlus, the WWE wants to be your summer fling! There’s lot of different reasons to check out this SummerSlam. Maybe you’re only interesting in Brock Lesnar versus the Undertaker. That’s fine! Maybe you like Total Divas and want to see what it’s about the regular show. Totally fine! Maybe you want to see wrestling/Hollywood crossovers. No problem! SummerSlam has two: Stephen Amell, from CW’s Arrow, is teaming with Neville to take on Stardust and King Barrett. AND! Jon Stewart, in his first post Daily Show appearance, is hosting SummerSlam. Come hang out for a bit! Listen, maybe you stay with the WWE for the night. Maybe you even stay for RAW the next night. Maybe… you’ll become a lifelong fan, whatever. All it’s cool. Let’s start with the SummerSlam and see what happens.

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