So That Happened: #RAW Recap (08/10/15)

MizTV with Daniel Bryan:

The Miz welcomes everyone to MizTV, then turns his attention to Stephen Amell. Miz tells Amell that when Stardust is done running through Amell, call him because Miz will teach Amell how to act.

The Miz introduces his guest tonight as someone, the WWE Universe knows and loves, then brags about mentoring his guest to greatness. The Miz introduces Daniel Bryan.

The Miz tries to welcome Daniel Bryan to Miz TV, but the WWE Universe can’t stop chanting “Daniel Bryan.” The Miz tries to get them to stop, but it doesn’t work.

Daniel Bryan jokingly tells the WWE Universe that The Miz wants them to shut up and that they should be quiet. The WWE Universe chants “No.”

Daniel Bryan tells The Miz that he didn’t come here to be on MizTV, then says he wasn’t going to miss RAW in his homeland of Washington state. Bryan leads a Seahawks chant.

The Miz says he is a Cleveland Browns fan, which gets boos from the crowd.

The Miz tries to take more credit for Daniel Bryan’s success and career, but Bryan cuts Miz off. Bryan tells Miz that he can take credit for his Hollywood career, then plugs Miz’s new movie, Santa’s Little Helper, which he thinks will be a huge success. After “No” chants, The Miz says his movie will be a success.

Daniel Bryan says his accomplishments aren’t thanks to The Miz, they’re thanks to hard work and to the people who have supported him through his entire career.

The Miz says they can agree to disagree, but one thing the two of the them can agree on is Daniel Bryan’s active status, since Bryan isn’t medically cleared to compete. The Miz calls Bryan a broken old toy, that no one wants to play with. Miz asks what it’s like to sit at home, do notihng and dwell on the past, since Miz has never experienced an injury in WWE.

Daniel Bryan tells The Miz that he’s been busy, writing a book that became a New York Times Best Seller and that he is a judge on the greatest show in the history of the shows, Tough Enough. Miz complains that there aren’t enough chapters in the book about him.


The Miz says he is also a judge on Tough Enough and his wisdom, much like his good looks is priceless. Miz talks about how he made Daniel Bryan have the integrity of a champion, who does the right thing. Miz switches the conversation to Ryback, asking if Ryback should do the “right thing” and cancel the Intercontinental Championship match at Summerslam and forfeit the title to Miz.

Big Show interrupts Daniel Bryan and The Miz.

Big Show starts to trash The Miz, calling Miz a cross-dressing jedi manure spreader. Big Show almost addresses Daniel Bryan, but gets cut off by a “Please Retire” chant. Big Show snaps and tells the WWE Universe to find someone to retire him.

Big Show gets interrupted by a returning Ryback.

The Miz tries to run but Daniel Bryan throws the Miz in between Big Show and Miz. Big Show throws Miz and Ryback into a corner, but Ryback fights back and makes quick work of Big Show.

After a “YES” chant from Daniel Bryan and the WWE Universe, Ryback catches The Miz with a Meathook Clothesline.

Daniel Bryan hands Ryback the Intercontinental Championship, then celebrates with Ryback by doing a “YES” Chant.

A Divas Elimination Match is announced for Summerslam.

Match 05: Rusev vs. Mark Henry

Lana is on commentary and provides an update on Dolph Ziggler:

Mark Henry comes out next.

Rusev hits Mark Henry with a Super Kick.

Summer Rae tries to distract Mark Henry, but Lana pulls her off the ring apron.

Post-Match, Summer Rae attacks Lana then puts her in the Accolade.

Rusev drops his new and improved flag.


Winner: No Contest

Match 06: Neville vs. King Barrett

Stephen Amell is in the front row.

Neville hits the Red Arrow on King Barrett.

Winner: Neville

Post-Match, Stardust attacks Neville.

Stardust confronts Stephen Amell, then mushes Amell back into the seat.

Stephen Amell hops into the ring and attacks Stardust.

Backstage: Triple H tells Stephen Amell that he brought him in here to be a guest and not a participant. Neville says Stardust started all of this, but Triple H says he’ll deal with Stardust. Amell tells Triple H to let he and Neville deal with Stardust. Triple H tells Amell that he’s an actor and he will never be one of them. Amell says he’s an actor but he’s also a man, who will fight back. Neville asks Triple H to let he and Amell take care of Barrett and Stardust at Summerslam.

Triple H mocks the idea of the Red Arrow and the Green Arrow facing King Barrett and Stardust at Summerslam. Stephen Amell tells Triple H that he will sign whatever his lawyers want and take ufll responsibility. Amell wants Triple H to make the match. Triple H tells Amell he has no idea what he is getting himself into. Triple H says he won’t be responsible for Amell’s funeral but if Amell wants it, fine. Triple H makes Stardust and King Barrett vs. Neville and The Green Arrow at Summerslam.


Triple H wishes Stephen Amell luck because he’s going to need it.

Backstage: Jojo asks #ScumbagSheamus for his thoughts on Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins. #ScumbagSheamus calls Orton a slimey snake, “Randy Borton” or Seth Rollins, who he finds very entertaining. #ScumbagSheamus says if he thinks what he did to John Cena was something, a Brogue Kick would have him cast on the new reboot of the Goonies.

#ScumbagSheamus laughs at his own joke, but Jojo cuts him off. #ScumbagSheamus says he wasn’t finished laughing.

#ScumbagSheamus hypes the chaos and uncertainty about the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, then says the one thing for sure is the Money In The Bank contract. #ScumbagSheamus says at the right time, he will cash it in and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. #ScumbagSheamus teases that the right time might be tonight.

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