So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (08/11/15)


Naomi goes Bad:

Backstage, Mark Caranno meets Naomi and tells her that they’re changing the storyline and turning her bad tonight. Naomi is shocked because she has been a good guy her entire WWE career and now she has to be bad. Mark Caranno tells Naomi that the ball is in her court.


After the Divas Battle Royal, Naomi pulls the trigger and turns bad and attacks Paige. Naomi is proud of the fact that she’s getting booed because that means she’s doing her job right. Naomi says there’s more than being bad than just the way you wrestle. You have to change your mindset, and the way you walk/talk and your attitude.

Naomi is shown doing her backstage promo as a bad girl. Naomi is concerned since the character is so outside of who she is and feels challenged by the new bad girl role. Naomi gets different advice from her husband, Jimmy Uso (Who thinks she should be bad in the bedroom) and The Bella Twins about her new role. Both Jimmy and The Bellas want Naomi to embrace it, saying she’ll have a lot of fun if she does.

Later, Naomi is trying out some light up-shoes and asking Jimmy Uso for his opinion. Jimmy thinks they look good if she was a good girl.

Naomi is concerned that she can’t do anything fun as a bad girl. Jimmy Uso tries to help her with trash talking by playing ping pong. Jimmy Uso trash talks while playing pong. Naomi doesn’t do so well with the trash talk.

Later, the WWE Divas and Superstars are having a night out. As Jimmy Uso and Paige talk about how Paige looks with a napkin in her nostril. Paige freaks out when Tamina Snuka walks in.

Paige gives a toast to Naomi being a bad girl. Naomi isn’t excited so the rest of the Divas ad Jimmy Uso try and get her to be a bad girl by starting a scene over food at Mama Mia’s. Naomi isn’t very good at that.

Alicia Fox decides to take matters into her own hands and piss Naomi off by throwing a glass of water in her face.

Naomi ends up being escorted off the premises and the Police are called.


Naomi is frustrated about what happened. Naomi says she’s stressed out and wants to quit, since she is not happy with being this character. Jimmy Uso apologizes to trying to instigate Naomi and getting her in trouble. Jimmy Uso tells her that if she can do what she did at Mama Mia’s in the ring, she will be great.

As all of this is going on, Alicia Fox is still alone in the restaurant.

At Extreme Rules, Naomi is freaking out about her match against Nikki Bella and is concerned about being bad. Naomi has a her match with Nikki Bella, channeling her inner bad girl. Everyone is impressed with Naomi.

Daniel Bryan’s Career Over?

During the long tour of Europe, Brie Bella finally gets to see her husband, Daniel Bryan. After talking with Natalya, who says Bryan couldn’t stop talking about Brie on the tour, Brie talks about a ring Bryan got her for their anniversary. The conversation switches to Bryan’s health, as Bryan was told to sit out a couple of matches on the tour due to injury. Eventually, it gets worse for Bryan, who is being sent home from the tour due to injury.

Later, The Bella Twins meet fans then talk to each other about taking a staycation. Brie tells Nikki she wants to do a Staycation, but since Bryan will actually be home for a few weeks, it’s already like he’s having a staycation. Brie informs Nikki that they’ve been running tests on Daniel Bryan, and the tests reveal that Bryan will have a 50/50 chance of ever wrestling ever Nikki is concerned, but confused at why Brie is so calm about this news.


Throughout the week, Nikki Bella keeps asking Brie about Daniel Bryan’s career possibly being over. Brie Bella continues to remain calm and insist that she and Bryan won’t have much to worry about if Bryan does have to retire, but insists that Bryan wants to make the decision to retire himself. Nikki is still confused at how Brie and Bryan are so calm about this news and keeps badgering her sister.


This continues all the way to a photoshoot, where Bryan visits The Bella Twins with Josie.

After the photoshoot, Nikki Bella asks Daniel Bryan about his career and how he’s handling the news.


Daniel Bryan says he feels fine, while Brie snaps on Nikki, saying that just because she’s not a wreck, doesn’t mean she’s not concerned. Brie and Bryan insist that while worried, they’re leaving it in God’s hands and are trying not to stress out over this news. Nikki is impressed by Brie and Bryan’s way of handling this news and thinks they’re perfect for each other.

Natalya: The Woman Of 1,004 Lies

Backstage, Natalya walks up to Tyson Kidd and reminds him about how much work they have to do while trying to close in on trying to get settled in to a new house. Natalya tells Tyson that she wants her sister Jenni to help with the move, but Tyson doesn’t want Jenny around because they don’t really get along.

Renee Young appears and Natalya throws Tyson Kidd into her drama. Tyson Kidd and Natalya talk about using movers, but Renee Young tells them a story about how a mover broke her record player.

After sharing how to do a proper high five, Renee Young gets into the conversation Natalya and Tyson Kidd are having. Natalya tells Renee Young about the fact that Tyson Kidd didn’t give her a proper proposal. Tyson asked for Nattie’s hand in marriage at a Burger King, proposing to her with a Whopper.

On moving day, Natalya tries to get Tyson Kidd and Jim Neidhart to help her move, but Tyson is more concerned with cats and a DVD of him vs. Cryme Tyme.

While moving, Nattie’s Mom, Ellie’s Lion Head Artifact, mysteriously breaks. This continues to stress Natalya out. Natalya is stressed because she doesn’t want fighting today.

Tyson Kidd and Natalya are putting their new house together, until Nattie’s sister Jenni arrives. Natalya reveals that Jenni won’t be here for four days, but will actually be moving in with them. Tyson Kidd still doesn’t know this.

While driving, Natalya lets Jenni know that Tyson Kidd doesn’t know that Jenni is living with them yet. Jenni feels uncomfortable with the lie, but Nattie claims it’s a little white lie and not a big deal.

Back at Natalya and Tyson Kidd’s house, they talk about what needs to be fixed on the old house, like the roof and the carpet. Natalya says it costs only $4,000. Tyson Kidd isn’t thrilled with it, but if it needs to be done, it needs to be done. Later, at a TV taping, Tyson confronts Nattie about the roof. Tyson found out from Art The Contractor that the roof and carpet will actually cost $15,000 and is upset that Nattie lied to him again.

Tyson Kidd asks Natalya about why she is lying and Nattie thinks that if she told Tyson everything, he would freak out and overreact. Tyson disagrees with this and the two of them get into an argument. Tyson insists they won’t have a problem is Nattie is honest with her.

At RAW, Natalya vents to The Bella Twins about her situation. Brie Bella and Nikki Bella take Tyson Kidd’s side, saying that Tyson is her husband and big decisions like having her sister moved in, needs to be discussed.

Later, Natalya gets her entire family together and admits that she was lying to Tyson Kidd about the expenses. Nattie lets Tyson Kidd know that Jenni is living with them, to take care of the cats and her parents. Tyson Kidd is happy that Natalya has finally stopped lying.


Natalya reveals more truths: She and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart broke the lion’s head, she hates Jenni’s Christmas present, and her wedding ring that Tyson Kidd got her. Also, the cats were never in Catfancy magazine.

In case you missed it:

The Bella Twins do not know how to whistle.

So That Happened:

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