So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (08/04/15)


Total Divas begins with Paige attacking an elephant. The elephant is R-Truth.

Later, Natalya is showing off videos of her new cat, Tupaws (named by Brie Bella.)

After showing the video, Naomi shows up with the teams for the European Tour. Naomi, Paige and The Bellas are on the Red Team. While Natalya, Cameron, Emma and Alicia Fox are on the Blue Team.


Alicia Fox is worried because Bad News Barrett is there and she is still in love with him. Meanwhile, Paige is excited to go on the tour and show The Bella Twins some British Culture and how they drink. Brie jokes that Nikki will be spending time with John Cena the whole time. Nikki starts to talk about her extravagant plans of champagne and caviar, but Paige thinks Nikki has a warped idea of what England is like.

At RAW, Alicia Fox is hanging out with Rosa Mendes until they run into NBA Star Tyson Chandler. Alicia is immediately smittin with Tyson Chandler. Natalya sees Tyson Chandler, and is enamored with him, but she wished she wasn’t getting her hair done at the time.


The Divas take pictures with Tyson Chandler.

Later at RAW, Natalya talks with Paige about her attire, then jokes about competing boobs with Nikki Bella. While talking about Nikki, Natalya tells Paige that she Nikki Bella used to work at Hooters and she used to live on a farm. Paige is interested to learn about this Nikki and thinks Nikki’s high lifestyle is a facade.

Eva Marie continues training with The Brian Kendrick.

At the airport, Paige, Naomi and Brie Bella celebrate Paige’s one year WWE anniversary and Daniel Bryan and Brie’s wedding anniversary. Brie is upset that she won’t be with Daniel Bryan, but she thinks it’s a chance for Brie Mode to come out.

At Smackdown, Alicia Fox is talking with Emma and Rosa Mendes on Bad News Barrett. Emma reveals that Barrett is fighting with his girlfriend. Alicia thinks it’s the a great opportunity to rekindle things with Wade Barrett.

Meanwhile, Eva Marie and Jonathan meet with Pashur, makeup artist. Eva is going to get bodypainted due to her wrestling bruises. Eric the photographer notices Eva’s bruises. Eva says it’s from wrestling training. They take some photos with the bruises. Afterwards, Eva Marie takes photos with the bodypaint. Everyone thinks it’s dope.

In London, Nikki Bella shows up to Brie Bella’s hotel room with tea hats. After talking about travel, Paige asks Nikki Bella about first class. Nikki said she passed out and missed the whole thing. Paige notices the tea hats and can’t believe Nikki has those.

Paige thinks they’d should be at a bar and not getting tea.

Paige and the others walk around, talking about the Spice Girls. They give each other Spice Girl names. like Funky Spice (Naomi), Hippie Spice (Brie), Classy Spice (Nikki) and Weird Spice (Paige.)

On the Blue Side, Alicia Fox reveals to Natalya that she is still in love with Wade Barrett. Natalya thinks Alicia should tell him, and live is worth fighting for, but Rosa Mendes doesn’t think she shouldn’t. Cameron thinks once Alicia Fox finds someone else, she won’t think about Wade Barrett as much.

Meanwhile, Eva Marie is on Instagram. Eva lets Jonathan know that the bruises photos are making people think that he abuses her. Jonathan and Eva Marie dismiss the comments, then Eva jokes that she can beat up Jonathan.


The Bella Twins are preparing for Tea Time. Paige reluctantly gets a hat. Nikki Bella comments that Paige needs a nice dress to go with it. Paige is getting increasingly frustrated.

Paige goes to Tea Time with The Bella Twins. The Bella Twins enjoy it, pinkies up and all but Paige doesn’t think this is her style. Paige says tea time is more of a Royal thing and not for commoners.


Paige would much rather go to a pint and have fish and chips. Brie gets interested in fish and chips, but Nikki insists on Tea Time and wants Paige to enjoy it and pretend.

Paige has had enough and leaves. After Tea Time, The Bella Twins find out that Paige stole their car to go to get Fish and Chips.


Later at a bar, Paige dances with Naomi and Lana, who breakdances.

After breakdancing, Paige reveals her issues with Nikki Bella, mocking the idea of tea time. Naomi reminds Paige that there is a 10 year difference between Paige and Nikki Bella, so tea time is something interesting to Nikki Bella. Paige switches the conversation and gets more alcohol.

Later, Eva Marie and Jonathan are pigging out on dinner.

After Eva Marie goes to the bathroom, a person is concerned about Eva’s bruises. Eva once again insists that she is not being beaten by Jonathan and that she’s a wrestler. The lady offers Eva assistance if she needs it.

Eva Marie lets Jonathan know what’s going on. Jonathan is shocked and wants to meet the lady. Eva tells Jonathan that she doesn’t want to and is ready to leave the restaurant.

At RAW, Nikki Bella tries to talk Paige about Paige leaving them earlier. Paige tells Nikki that she thinks Nikki is being fake and phony with the tea time. Nikki is offended that Paige finds her phony and thinks Paige is being a bitch. Paige walks away from Nikki, leaving her to have all the tea time she wants.


Back to Eva Marie, Jonathan thinks the woman was coming from a good place trying to help Eva Marie, but thinks Eva shouldn’t hide her battle scars. Jonathan compares it to a boxer getting a black eye. Jonathan says if Eva Marie wants to get rid of the photos because she doesn’t like them. Eva keeps the photos and says no matter what, people will write what they write and it has nothing to do with her marriage with Jonathan.

Later, Natalya posts a photo with Alicia Fox. Cameron responds with No, “Boo-Boo Kitty” and Natalya loses it, not understanding slang.

Natalya, Alicia Fox and Cameron talk about Alicia Fox. Natlaya reveals that she told Barrett that Alicia wanted to talk to her. Cameron tells Nattie that she low-key shaded Alicia Fox, but Nattie doesn’t get it because Nattie loves shade. Cameron tells Nattie that shade is a bad thing. Natalya says that she is the shadiest bitch around.

Cameron and Natalya insist on Alicia Fox closing this chapter with Barrett. After Cameron’s suggestion, Natalya insists that Alicia go to Barrett’s room and confront him. Natalya is also doing this because she is bored on the tour.

Later, John Cena and Nikki Bella go out to dinner with Brie Bella for her anniversary. Brie brings up Nikki shaving her whole body for tonight, then brings up the Paige incident.

Nikki Bella talks about how people think she’s phony, but Cena understands due to his poor past, but now he lives a more lavish lifestyle because he likes it and he can afford it.. Nikki agrees with John and brings up her country past, saying that she always idolized Marilyn Monroe and always wanted to look that day.

The waiter tries to bring dessert over, but Cena starts to talk about Nikki Bella’s orange dress being his dessert. The waiter has no idea what’s going on.

After trying to get Bad News Barrett’s room number, Natalya, Cameron and Alicia Fox sneak up to Barrett’s door. A drunk Alicia Fox knocks on Barrett’s door, then runs for her life.

In the bathroom, Natalya tells Alicia Fox to man up. Alicia insists there’s nothing wrong with her manhood. Natalya steals Alicia Fox’s purse and runs off with it while Alicia is in the bathroom.

Paige and Brie Bella finally have Fish n Chips. Paige is still wearing the hat, because she enjoys it now. Brie is surprised since Paige hated Tea Time so much.

Paige tells Brie Bella what she said about Nikki Bella and defends why she didn’t want to have tea time. Brie lets Paige know that Nikki really does enjoy Tea Time and fancy dinners, but that’s what she likes. Brie tells Paige that she and Nikki didn’t have that lifestyle when they were younger and now that they’re older, they can do that. Brie says she still has her country roots, but likes enjoying the rich lifestyle sometime. Paige thinks one day, she’ll settle down like Nikki, but never tea parties.

Later, Alicia Fox, Emma, Natalya and Rosa Mendes go on a walk. After a history lesson on To Kill A Mockingbird, Alicia Fox tells Rosa Mendes about what they did last night with Barrett’s door. Rosa Mendes flips out on Alicia Fox, saying that she was in a homewrecking situation. Rosa reminded Fox that Barrett has a girlfriend and that she wouldn’t like it if some girl did that to her. Natalya insists that it was just a joke and thinks Rosa should calm down.


Later, at RAW, Maria Menounos and Alicia Fox are talking until Fox sees Bad News Barrett and Rachel, Barrett’s new girlfriend. Alicia meets Rachel and thinks she’s a nice person. It hurt Alicia Fox to do that, but she doesn’t want to be a homewrecker and wants Barrett to be happy. Alicia Fox wants to find her guy eventually.

The tender moment is ruined by Big Show picking up Maria Menounos.

At RAW, Paige apologizes to Nikki Bella for being a “snobby little kid” and thinks she’s in the wrong. Nikki thinks that it meant a lot from Paige. Paige knows they have two different styles, but that helps their friendship.

Paige and Nikki Bella notice Dolph Ziggler, who jokes that Nikki is obsessed with her. Nikki jokes with Paige that she should’ve done the “You Can’t See Me.”


Later, Alicia Fox, Emma, Rosa Mendes and Natalya have drinks and try to find Alicia Fox some guys. After meeting some guys, Alicia knows she won’t find anyone in this city but has fun anyway. Natalya ends up kissing a bigger guy in cornrows.


So That Happened:

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