So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (07/21/15)


Eva Marie walks backstage to Superstars For Hope, and gets greeted by Nikki Bella who loves her dress. Eva Marie is confused by the niceness.

Nikki Bella is trying to be civil, but Brie Bella is drinking and impatient. Nikki reluctantly asks Eva Marie to lunch.

Naomi sees how tense it is and feels it’s her and Eva Marie against the other girls. Naomi agrees that Eva Marie should take Nikki Bella up on the lunch/dinner offer. They joke that Eva might wrestle Nikki when she comes back.

Later, The Bella Twins and Daniel Bryan cheer and toast (Bryan toasts to Brie.) Brie Bella hopes that she will spend Wrestlemania 32 pregnant. Nikki Bella wonders where she’ll be in a year, Bryan responds “Alone.’

Nikki Bella tries to get Brie Bella to resign again, then asks if they ever know how baby talk makes her feel. Bryan says it’s her own fault because she knew John Cena didn’t want kids but stuck with her anyway. Bryan talks about pro-creating,

Nikki Bella mentions that she got a 3.2 GPA then reveals to Daniel Bryan that Brie lost points on the SAT’s for putting her name in wrong. Brie mixed up her first and last name, which Bryan laughs at.

Natalya meets with Madusa (Alundra Blayze) Nattie is excited to be inducting Madusa into the WWE Hall Of Fame this weekend.


Later, The Bella Twins are getting their hair done when their Mom Kathy walks up. After some small talk about flip-flops, the conversation switches to Eva Marie. Brie Bella is still upset over Eva Marie, but Kathy lets Nikki know that she and Eva are friends and hat she shouldn’t let anyone ruin their friendship.

Eva Marie and Nikki Bella have a conversation. Nikki talks about the infamous Instagram post that started it all, but Eva tells Nikki that she was really disappointed that Nikki didn’t step up and stop the conversation. Eva thinks since Nikki is the Divas Champion, she is the leader and should’ve done something about it. Nikki calls Eva out on posting that photo after the conversation she had with Naomi. Eva says that if the Divas felt bad, that means they are guilty.

Nikki Bella is disappointed in Eva Marie that she didn’t call or text any of the Divas because they would have let her know how they felt. Eva turns it around on Nikki, claiming she heard that Nikki was the ring leader. Nikki calls Eva out on making herself the victim. Nikki Bella tells Eva Marie no one on the roster is worried about her, and that they don’t look at her as a wrestler. Eva says that’s fine, but at the end of the day she is coming for the Divas Title. Eva says Nikki should be setting the tone as Divas Champion, but she is not.

Nikki Bella says it doesn’t take 6 weeks to become Divas Champion. Nikki calls out Eva Marie’s passion, but Eva says she has always had passion and wanted to train, but it never worked out in the Performance Center. Nikki doesn’t except Eva’s excuse and thinks Eva just wants to be famous.

Nikki Bella says Eva Marie will figure it out when she gets in the ring with the other Divas and learn to respect and apologize to the Divas. Nikki is pissed that Eva thinks she’s a bad champion, but Eva claims that’s not what she said. Eva thinks Nikki Bella isn’t a good leader and her attitude was unbecoming of a Divas Champion.


Later, Nikki Bella vents to Brie Bella about everything that happened. Nikki tells Brie that she was 100% right and she is done with Eva. Nikki vents that it took her 8 years to get a Tag Match and become Divas Champion, and is pissed that Eva thinks Nikki set the tone for a bad locker room. Nikki starts to get emotional because she feels Eva Marie tried to take away what she did as a Champion. Nikki says she tried to help the Divas and has never done anything malicious to anyone. Nikki says the hate is so exhausting.

Brie Bella gets pissed because Eva Marie doesn’t know how hard her sister Nikki has worked. Brie thinks Nikki has been the best champion and has empowered women by overcoming the hate on her weight and her abilities. Brie reminds Nikki of her Fearless Nikki supporters and to not let Nikki take any of that away from her.


Kathy walks in and asks how it went, and Nikki lets her know it didn’t go well. Brie reminds Nikki to not let someone like Eva Marie ruin her Wrestlemania, since Eva doesn’t even want to be in the business. Brie Bella hates Eva Marie and calls Eva a sheep and The Bellas the lions.

Natalya is getting her hair done when she has to take a phone call about Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart not having the right tie. As this happens, a WWE Producer tells Natalya that she has to change her speech. Natalya tries to say that Arn Anderson is tough, but afraid of Madusa and how it’s a great part of her speech. WWE doesn’t care and want her to change it.

Everyone is at the WWE Hall Of Fame, Paige shows off her dress/doc martins. While backstage, Eva Marie notices Alicia Fox and Paige taking photos with Larry Zybysko.

Eva Marie and Jonathan eat until Eva tells Jonathan this is emotionally driving. Eva brings up the Lion/Sheep Instagram post. Jonathan sticks up for Eva, saying lions would love that post and sheep would be offended. Jonathan tells Eva to be a lion and let sheep do what sheep do.

Later, Natalya tells her family about the speech issue. Natalya feels pressure about always having to please everyone. Jim Neidhart tells her that it’s going to be okay and that she can relax. Nattie tells him to relax and Anvil jokes that he’s relaxed by screaming.

Daniel Bryan gives his emotional, passionate speech about Connor “The Crusher” Michalek.

Natalya has her turn to induct Madusa and she ends up telling the Arn Anderson story anyway, despite what could happen.

On Wrestlemania day, Eva Marie and The Bella Twins have separate autograph signings.

At Wrestlemania, Paige and The Bella Twins check out Wrestlemania before the show starts. Paige is excited since this is her first Wrestlemania Match. Nikki and Brie are proud of Paige because she is so passionate about wrestling and wants to be here.

Later, Eva Marie is walking backstage at Wrestlemania, where she runs into her “only friend” Naomi. Eva is nervous, but says this will motivate her to be on next years’ Wrestlemania.

After Naomi and Natalya perform at Wrestlemania with The Usos and Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, Naomi introduces her stepkids to Alicia Fox. Alicia is shocked that Naomi is a stepmom.

During Daniel Bryan’s match, The Bella Twins talk with Madusa about their situation. Nikki Bella still wants to stay, while brie Bella wants to be a Mom. Paige and Madusa talk about Wrestlemania. Paige says it means so much to her that she’s going to be at Wrestlemania. Paige says this is the biggest moment of her career, but Madusa lets her know not to overthink it and gives her encouragement.

AJ Lee and Paige defeat The Bella Twins at Wrestlemania.

Cameron overreacts for claiming she predicted how the match would end.

Paige has another emotional moment after the show about wrestling at her first Wrestlemania.


A week later, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan go to see the Fertility Doctor. Brie finds out that she’s fertile. Daniel Bryan finds out that he’s super human fertile.


Brie Bella feels like she can be a Mom and a WWE Superstar at the same time. Brie Bella decides to stay with WWE.

At dinner, Eva Marie tells Jonathan that she signed with The Rock and Ronda Rousey’s agent, Brad Slater. Eva says no Diva has crossed over into Mainstream and that she will be the first.

So That Happened:

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