So That Happened: #RAW Recap (07/20/15)


RAW begins with the return of The Undertaker

A loud “Undertaker” chant breaks out.

The Undertaker growls.

The Undertaker says he stands here tonight a relentless, remorseless, cold-blooded vengeful, Grim Reaper.

The Undertaker says Streaks are made to be broken and that’s the painful truth. The Undertaker tells Brock Lesnar that he had to continuously week after week, month after month, reminding everyone of his greatest accomplishment.

The Undertaker says he has had enough. Lesnar took something that was smoldering ashes and turned it into a raging inferno. The Undertaker says last night was his true resurrection.


The Undertaker tells Brock Lesnar that he can’t kill what won’t die.

The Undertaker says unleashed forces will set their careers towards new destinies and The Undertaker will challenge Lesnar’s mortality, will conquer what has yet to be conquered and in the end, just like all living things, be it man or beast, Brock Lesnar will Rest In Peace.

Backstage: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon hype the idea of The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. Stephanie gets ready to talk to the marketing team.

Triple H says he will call Paul Heyman and tell Heyman and Brock to take the night off. Triple H says if Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker are in the same building, it could ruin the Main Event of Summerslam.

Match 01: Brie Bella vs. Charlotte

Team B.A.D. is on commentary

Brie Bella channels Daniel Bryan.

Team B.A.D. keeps shutting down commentary

Nikki Bella gets knocked off the apron.

Charlotte locks Brie Bella in the Figure 08.

Winner: Charlotte


Backstage: Triple H is telling Paul Heyman that Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker will be the Main Event at Summerslam. Heyman tries to speak, but Triple H tells Heyman that this is best for business financially. Triple H tells Paul Heyman that he doesn’t care what Brock Lesnar wants and he demands that Brock Lesnar doesn’t come to the arena tonight.

The Miz tries to complain about getting punched out by Big Show and tells Triple H how valuable his face is to WWE. The Miz asks if Triple H is listening, but Triple H tells him no. Triple H puts The Miz in a match with Big Show tonight. Miz storms off, complaining that his face still hurts.

Match 02: Los Matadores vs. The Prime Time Players

Titus O’Neil gets the Hot Tag.

Titus O’Neil hits the Pounce on Diego.

The New Day comes out to the ring.

Xavier Woods says they’re not here to hate, they’re here to congratulate. The New Day taunt the Prime Time Players. Diego ends up hitting the Backstabber on Titus O’Neil.

Winner: Los Matadores

Post-Match, The New Day mock the Millions Of Dollars dance.

Match 03: The Miz vs. Big Show

Big Show does a second rope elbow to The Miz.

Winner: Big Show

Big Show calls out The Miz’s comments about Big Show missing since the Attitude Era. Big Show kicks Miz around and says he’s in Miz’s face. Big Show says the only thing missing is Ryback with his Intercontinental Championship.

Big Show says he’s going to feed Ryback his fist and take the Intercontinental Championship. Big Show doesn’t care if it’s on RAW or Smackdown or Tough Enough. Big Show says he’s going to go to Tough Enough and see if they’re Tough Enough to stand up against Big Show’s fist.

Backstage: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are looking at Rob Schamburger’s Painting asking if he can do it for Summerslam. Triple H and Stephanie notice Paul Heyman and storm up to him. Heyman insists he’s only here as an advocate and is here for Brock Lesnar’s response.

Backstage: The WWE Superstars are complaining in the locker room until Stephanie McMahon shuts them up. Stephanie McMahon talks about The Undertaker/Brock Lesnar being the Main Event of Summerslam. Triple H tells The Superstars that they will not let Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker destroy each other. Triple H says Summerslam depends on it, which means their livelihood depends on it.

After complaints, Triple H tells the WWE Superstars that he understands what he’s asking them to do. there’s strength in numbers. And that they are not asking the Superstars, they’re telling them.

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