So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (07/14/15)


All That She Wants…Is A Bella Baby:

While shopping and looking for donuts with Nikki Bella, Brie reveals that she is two weeks late. Brie and Bryan have just been letting whatever happens, happen. Later, Brie Bella does get her period and starts to cry because she thought she was pregnant. Nikki  is upset seeing her sister cry, because she sees how much Brie wants a child. Brie thinks there’s always some kind of obstacle getting in the way of her wanting to be pregnant.

Later, The Bella Twins are having a dinner with their Mom, Kathy. After making fun of Nikki Bella’s brains, The Bella Twins talk about wanting to vacation in Napa in the fall. Brie wants to go to Napa before she gets pregnant.

Nikki Bella wonders if Brie is fertile, but Kathy tells them they’re fine and should get tested. Brie jokes about having to use Nikki’s eggs and Bryan’s semen. Nikki laughs saying Bryan would hate himself.

Later in the car, Daniel Bryan jokes about Brie Bella making him masturbate in a cup on his day off. Brie reminds Bryan that they need to do this and that she’s uncomfortable with it too. In an attempt to help out Brie, Daniel Bryan sings the Bella Twins “You Can Look, But You Can’t Touch” theme song.


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Before Daniel Bryan goes to put his sample in a cup, Bryan comments on how weird it is to have cameras filming this.


Later at a taping, Stephanie McMahon tells Daniel Bryan about the Warrior Award they’re introducing at the Hall Of Fame. Stephanie tells Bryan that Connor “The Crusher” Michalek’s family want Daniel Bryan to induct Connor into the Hall Of Fame. Bryan is honored and will try to do it without crying.

Stephanie McMahon switches the conversation to Brie Bella’s baby fever, saying that she can relate. Unfortunately for Bryan and Brie, they won’t find if they’re fertile until after Wrestlemania.

Natalya vs. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart: 

At RAW, Natalya finds out from Mark Carrano that her Father, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, has been invited to Wrestlemania, and they wil be doing a Father-Daughter Autograph Signing at Axxess. Natalya is thrilled that her Dad is going to be at Wrestlemania after a decade of being absent from WWE.

Back at the house, Natalya and Tyson Kidd are talking about possible names for Cesaro and Tyson Kidd’s tag team until Nattie gets a phone call from her Mom. Nattie finds out that Jim Neidhart had a temper tantrum and is being kicked out of the treatment center. Natalya is upset because she doesn’t want to see her Father ruin another opportunity. Natalya’s Mom, Elle gets upset, not knowing what to do anymore with Jim.

Later, Natalya gets Jim Neidhart from the treatment center. Neidhart is upset that he can’t get his pain medication now. Natalya tries to remain calm and not upset her Father. The drama continues when Nattie gets another call from Elle, saying Neidhart is upset that he can’t get his pain medication from Elle. Natalya tries to calm him down on the phone, reminding The Anvil about how important this weekend is for him, reminding him that WWE wants to make action figures and video games for him.

A few days later at Wrestlemania weekend, Natalya and Tyson Kidd have dinner with their uncle, WWE Hall Of Famer, Bret Hart and his wife.

Natalya asks her Uncle Bret about how to deal with her Father this weekend, since her Father wants to party, but Nattie needs to keep him away from alcohol.

Bret Hart tells Nattie and Tyson that The Anvil used to party all the time and although he didn’t want to, he would stay out with him to make sure Jim didn’t get into too much trouble. Bret thinks The Anvil hanging out with old friends is bad for him, but if the Anvil doesn’t want to help himself, he won’t get help.


During WWE Axxess, Natalya and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart have a successful autograph signing. The Anvil tells Natalya not to worry and that everything is going to work out.

To Dress Up or Not To Dress Up?

At the airport, Paige and Brie Bella are talking what they’re going to wear for the WWE Hall Of Fame. Brie lets Paige known that Paige actually has to dress up and wear something classy. Paige is surprised because she thought it was optional. Brie recommends Paige use Alicia Fox for help finding her clothes.


Later, Paige is trying on dresses from Alicia Fox. Paige isn’t a fan of the dresses, joking that she looks like Belle from Beauty And The Beast.


Later, Alicia Fox and Natalya get Paige a spray tan for the first time.

Paige is not thrilled and prefers her pale skin.

While shopping for shoes with Alicia Fox, Paige meets a fan who lets Paige know she helped her fix her eating disorder. Paige hugs the fan and thanks her. The fan thanks Paige because without Paige’s attitude to always be herself, the fan would not have overcome her disorder.

Paige says the fan broke her heart because while the fan is letting Paige know how much Paige being herself means to her, Paige is shopping for a dress, which is very unlike her.

At Paige’s autograph signing, Paige talks about how much she loves the fans and how cool it is that the fans come out and see her. Paige reveals that she will be wearing a black gown with Doc Martins because she still needs to be herself. Paige meets another fan who is proud of her for being herself.

Everybody (Still) Hates Eva Marie:

After Eva Marie leaves the argument from last week, Naomi calls Alicia Fox out on how messed up it was to attack Eva. Alicia doesn’t understand why Naomi’s defending Eva, since they’re not close friends. Naomi says Eva and her aren’t close, but she feels no reason to be upset with Eva if the WWE sees Eva as a brand. Alicia insists she doesn’t care, then walks away.

At training, Eva Marie vents to The Brian Kendrick about how the Divas turning against her. Kendrick tells Eva that the Divas want to get in their head and at the end of the day, it’s about Eva becoming a better wrestler.


Later, Alicia Fox reveals to Paige that it was Naomi who told Eva Marie what they were talking about. Paige is disappointed and Alicia is starting to have a problem with Naomi.


That night, Paige and Emma (And their lucky boyfriends,) Aicia Fox, Naomi and Jimmy Uso go out to dinner and the topic of Eva Marie comes up again. Paige confronts Naomi about Eva Marie again, and Naomi stands up for herself yet again about Eva Marie. Naomi doesn’t want to be bitter and respects everyone’s opinions, but Alicia Fox thinks Naomi is BSing. Jimmy Uso understands what WWE sees in Eva Marie, which causes Alicia Fox to get defensive.


Alicia Fox tries to say Naomi is representing Eva Marie, but Naomi says she’s representing herself. Naomi isn’t going to hate on Eva Marie because of her success. Alicia Fox screams that she’s not jealous and will be damned if anyone thinks she is.

Later, Naomi calls Alicia Fox on saying that Naomi started this whole Eva Marie situation. Naomi insists that she’s not that person and wants it take it off. Naomi isn’t best friends with Eva and could care less, but Naomi will stand up for what she believes in. Alicia Fox decides to agree to disagree with Naomi at least till Wrestlemania.

Later, Paige is telling Brie Bella about the Eva Marie drama. Brie says Eva came into the business with a bad attitude. Brie switches the conversation switches to Motherhood, saying Brie and Nikki think that if they walked away, the division is in good hands with Paige.

Meanwhile, Eva Marie is talking with Jonathan about the charity work they did. Eva Marie says this is what matters and not the bickering that has been going on in the Divas Division.

During Wrestlemania Weekend, Nikki Bella plans to meet with Eva Marie to talk about this drama they have. Brie Bella has no interest in seeing Eva Marie.

Later in the night, Eva Marie is walking towards the Superstars For Hope Banquet. She hasn’t seen the Total Divas since the incident on RAW and is concerned about how they are going to react.

So That Happened:

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